SASSA Status Check – SRD R350 Status Check Online (2024)

The most crucial moment after applying for SASSA grants is whether the application gets accepted or rejected. By seeing this, I, along with my teams of experts, analysts, and people with many years of experience in government organization, compiled this article. We all know the ins and outs of SASSA grants.

There are many ways to Check the SASSA status. So, it can be difficult for a common South African citizen to know all the methods fully. To simplify this task, I have explained all the procedures to check Sassa’s status.

Let me tell you that you just need your ID card with the 13-digit number and the registered phone number for the Sassa status check, and with just one click, you can check your Sassa status.

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SASSA Grant Payment Dates of July 2024

Here’s the important info about when SASSA payments dates of July2024:

SASSA Grant July 2024 Payment Dates
SRD R350 Starts from Tuesday 2nd July 2024 to Thursday 4, July 2024
Old Age Tuesday, 2 July 2024
War Veterans Tuesday, 2 July 2024
Disability Wednesday, 3 July 2024
Care Dependency Wednesday, 3 July 2024
Child Support Thursday, 4 July 2024
Foster Child Grant Thursday, 4 July 2024

SASSA Grant Payment Dates of June 2024

Here’s the important info about when SASSA payments dates of June 2024:

SASSA Grant May 2024 Payment Dates
SRD R350 Starts from Wednesday 4 June 2024 to Friday 6 June 2024
Old Age Tuesday, 4 June
War Veterans Wednesday 5 June 2024
Disability Wednesday, 5 June
Care Dependency Tuesday, 4 June
Child Support Thursday, 6 June
Foster Child Grant Tuesday, 4 June

How to Check SASSA SRD R350 Grant Status Online 2024

If you want to check your SASSA grant application or payment went through, there are a few easy ways to verify online or by phone.

What You Need

First, ensure you have your South African ID number and the mobile number used on your SASSA application. These key details help identify your grant status.

How to Check

Once you have that info, you can check in three ways

  • Through this website.
  • Via the SASSA card balance phone line
  • Through the SASSA WhatsApp support chat.

Each method lets you view application status, payment releases, etc. Knowing your status helps ensure you receive owed funds on time.

Sassa R350 Payment Dates 2024/2025

SASSA releases payment schedules ahead of time so recipients can plan accordingly. Below are the official sassa status check payment dates for the R350 grant month-by-month in 2024 and 2025. Verifying the schedule shows which upcoming date you can expect your grant funds to be available based on the payment method used.

Grant Month Older Persons Grant Disability Grant Childrens Grant
January 2024 03 January 2024 04 January 2024 05 January 2024
February 2024 02 February 2024 05 February 2024 06 February 2024
March 2024 03 March 2024 04 March 2024 07 March 2024
April 2024 3 April 2024 4 April 2024 5 April 2024
May 2024 3 May 2024 6 May 2024 7 May 2024
June 2024 4 June 2024 5 June 2024 6 June 2024
July 2024 2 July 2024 3 July 2024 4 July 2024
August 2024 2 August 2024 5 August 2024 6 August 2024
September 2024 3 September 2024 4 September 2024 5 September 2024
October 2024 2 October 2024 3 October 2024 4 October 2024
November 2024 5 November 2024 6 November 2024 7 November 2024
December 2024 3 December 2024 4 December 2024 5 December 2024
January 2025 3 January 2025 6 January 2025 7 January 2025
February 2025 4 February 2025 5 February 2025 6 February 2025
March 2025 4 March 2025 5 March 2025 6 March 2025
SASSA Payment Dates for 2024/2025

Updated SASSA Payment Schedule

The South African government is addressing backlogged grants across agencies, including SASSA. This aims to clear owed funds and restore regular monthly disbursement.

Ineligible R350 Checks

Many doing 350 status checks are not qualified for the special COVID SRD grant. If you were denied but disagree, you can appeal directly to SASSA officially.

Clearing Backlogs

An interim monthly schedule will issue owed amounts. You may get several payments in some months to catch up without being double-charged.

What Information Do You Need to Check SASSA Status Online?

To check the status of your SASSA grant application and payments, you just need two key details – your ID number and phone number.

  • Your ID Number Have your 13-digit South African ID number handy. This unique number helps SASSA identify you and pull up your grant details.
  • Your Phone Number You also need the mobile number you used on your SASSA application. This helps verify your identity and application when checking your status online or by phone.

Let’s Discuss Different Methods to Check Your SASSA Status

Regularly checking your application status is important when you apply for a SASSA grant. You can easily verify and monitor your status in a few different ways. Let’s discuss the main methods available to review your standing, whether online, by phone, or in person.

Use Our SASSA Status Checker

We have an easy status-checking tool right on this page. It quickly verifies your grant application and payment status.

Find the Tool

Go to the top of the page and locate the SASSA Status Check form. It’s prominently displayed for quick access.

SASSA Status Check form

Enter Your Information

You must just enter your 13-digit South African ID number and the mobile number from your SASSA application. This identifies you.

Enter Your Information

Get Your Status

Once you enter those details and click “Submit,” your personal SASSA status will instantly appear below the form. Our checker provides instant results!


Use the Moya App to Check the Status – Data Free Method

Another easy way to check your SASSA grant application status is by using the Moya app. This method works well once downloaded.

Use the Moya App to Check the Status

Get the App

First, download the Moya app from the Play Store or App Store. You’ll need an internet connection for this initial install.

Open the App

Next, open Moya and go to the Discovery section. Choose “SASSA Grant,” then tap “SASSA SRD Status” and “Application Status” from the menu.

Provide Your Details

On the status screen, enter your 13-digit South African ID number and the mobile number used on your SASSA application. This verifies your identity.

View Your Status

Finally, hit “Submit” after entering those details. Your personal application standing and payment status will appear on the screen instantly. Offline access makes Moya convenient for status checks!

Verify Your Grant Status on WhatsApp:

If you don’t have website access to SASSA, you can also use WhatsApp to check your SASSA grant application status step-by-step.

Verify Your Grant Status on WhatsApp

Add the Helpline

First, save the number 082 046 8553 in your phone contacts. This is the SASSA WhatsApp helpline.

Start a Chat

Open up a chat with the number and first type “SASSA.” This connects you to the help service.

Ask for Your Status

When they respond, type “STATUS” to request your personal application status. Follow the prompts from there.

Provide Your Details

You will be asked for your reference number and the mobile number used on your SASSA application. Provide this info so they can verify your identity.

Get Your Status

After sharing those key details over chat, the helpline will message back with the current standing of your grant application and payments.

Notice: President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that the monthly R350 grant money serves as a crucial lifeline, easing the immediate financial burdens faced by our vulnerable citizens. We guarantee that the administration will persist in the implementation of the social relief of distress grant.

Use SMS to View Your Status:

If you need to check your grant status but don’t have internet access, you can text message SASSA to get your application details. For that, you first have to;

Use SMS to View Your Status

Open Your SMS App

On your phone, open up the messaging or SMS app. This is usually the basic texting application.

Send an SMS

Next, type “SASSA [Your ID Number]” using your 13-digit South African ID. Make sure to include your number.

Text It To SASSA

Send this SMS text directly to the number 082 046 8553. This goes to the SASSA status check line.

Get Your Status

Shortly after, you’ll receive a responding SMS from SASSA stating important details like your application status, payment releases, etc. Super easy!

Call to Check Your SASSA Status:

If you do not have the above-described sources, you can speak to a real person to verify your grant application status. You can call the SASSA call center at 0800 601 011.

Call to Check Your SASSA Status

Provide Identification

When an agent answers, they will ask for your 13-digit South African ID number. This is to correctly pull up your SASSA grant information.

Get Application Status

After verifying your identity over the call, the SASSA call agent can give you the latest updates on your R350 grant application and payment releases into your account.

Verify Your SASSA Status Online Through

The quickest method to check your SASSA application status is through the official online portal. This website provides real-time updates on your grant’s standing right from your computer or mobile device.

Verify Your SASSA Status Online Through

Visit the Website

Go to and find the “Check My Status” section. Or enter directly in your browser address bar. This takes you to the status checker.

Provide Your Details

Next, you must fill in your 13-digit South African ID number and the mobile number from your SASSA application. This verifies your identity.

View Your Status

Once you enter that key info and click “Submit,” your application status and payment details will instantly appear on the screen. Checking online is fast, and you don’t have to go anywhere!

Application Statuses and Their Meaning

After you apply for your SASSA grant online, when you check, it will display a message about your application’s current standing. You may see several different statuses, each indicating a specific stage or outcome of your grant application submission. Let’s look at the key SASSA application statuses and what they signify.

Status Meaning Next Steps
Application Complete Your application is fully submitted. It still needs to be verified and approved each period before payments. Check back often for updates.
Declined Your application did not meet eligibility criteria. SASSA will provide the reason. You can reapply if situation changes.
Pending Application received but still being reviewed and verified by SASSA before decision. Check back regularly for status updates.
Identity Verification Failed SASSA could not verify your ID number with Home Affairs records. Double check your ID number was entered correctly.
Bank Details Pending You did not provide payment method and details. Add your banking details or select Cash Send on SASSA site.
Reapplication Pending You have not reapplied for the new grant period. Submit a new application on the SASSA website.
Period Pending Your application for that month is still being verified. Keep watching for monthly approval.
Period Approved You are approved for grant that month. Check “pay day” for exact payment date.
Period Declined You were declined for that month’s grant. Submit a reconsideration request if you disagree.
Canceled Your grant payments have been canceled. You can reinstate grant on the SASSA website.

When to Expect a Decision on Your SASSA Application

Approval timeframes vary situationally, as it takes SASSA to make a call on your grant application. But usually, there are general guidelines to set expectations. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Standard Processing Targets

SASSA aims to finalize non-disability applications within 90 days or 3 months. For disability grants, their goal is 30 days or 1 month. However, actual timelines depend on several key factors.

Influencing Variables

The specific SASSA center handling your case, the type of grant applied for, how fast you provide any additional requested documents, and current queues/workloads all impact speed.

Best Practices

To help avoid excessive waits, submit any extra verification items SASSA requests as soon as possible. Promptly sharing documents when asked speeds up their review.

Follow-Up Overdue Applications

Call the SASSA helpline if your application exceeds standard timelines without a decision. Checking in can determine the status, move it along, and see if they need anything else from you to decide.

Staying on top of your application via good communication promotes faster processing. SASSA aims to serve clients through reasonable timeframes.

SASSA Status Check Frequency

SASSA supplies monthly status updates regarding grant payments and recipient application standings. These updates normally come before the published yearly payment schedule showing which dates funds get deposited into beneficiary bank accounts or SASSA cards.

Staying Informed

The purpose is to keep beneficiaries informed leading up to scheduled payouts. This allows people to plan around anticipated payment arrival.

Monthly Check

So, in general, SASSA furnishes monthly status updates about application processing, eligibility, and expected transfer timing. Checking more often typically yields the same response until the next cycle.

Why SASSA Status Failed?

When your SASSA status check does not work, it is often because identity verification failed. This happens when personal details in your application do not match Department of Home Affairs (DHA) records.

Mismatch Triggers Failure

If data like your name, date of birth, or ID number differs between what you applied with and your DHA profile, it makes SASSA unable to confirm your identity against government databases.

Fixing Incorrect Information

To remedy failed verification, you need to correct any inaccuracies causing the mismatches by updating profile data in your SASSA online application. Once details match your official identity per DHA files, status checks should start being successful rather than failing.
Accurate personal data is key for passing those identity confirmation checks with SASSA systems.

Why Your SASSA Application Gets Declined?

Seeing a “Status Declined” result when you check SASSA means you or an existing beneficiary failed to meet program requirements per the Means Test. This assessment checks income, assets, unemployment status, age, and other factors.

Why Your SASSA Application Gets Declined

Failing the Means Test

If your bank balance exceeds R624, you now receive UIF/NSFAS benefits, found employment, or have additional income streams, you likely will not qualify based on the Means Test thresholds.

Fixing a Declined Application

If you disagree with the rejection reasons, you can appeal or reapply with corrected information that better reflects your financial situation according to SASSA criteria. Updating any inaccurate data helps.

Common Specific Reasons

Beyond income and employment changes disqualifying applicants during the review, you may be declined if you are over the age limit for that grant type or missing mandatory documents. Addressing those factors strengthens your case if reapplying.
While disappointing to receive, addressing the decline reasons SASSA provides allows improving your application. Their Means Test aims to allocate limited resources fairly.

What A Pending R350 Status Means?

When your R350 grant status is stuck as “pending,” it signals missing bank details to receive transfers. This occurs if you do not select a payment method or submit incorrect account information on an application.

What A Pending R350 Status Means?

Initial Review Period

Applications may go under 1-3 months during routine SASSA verification procedures after filing.

Avoid Delays

To prevent extra delays beyond that review timeline, double-check that you accurately provide your payment and banking details upfront when applying. Accurate account data is key.

What’s Behind Delayed SASSA Payments?

SASSA aims to distribute approved grants within 14 days. However, recipients sometimes encounter late transfers beyond that timeline for a few common reasons.

No Set Window

First, SASSA confirmations do not guarantee a locked payment date. They advise waiting if your grant seems delayed before raising concerns.

Explanation of Common Delays

Technical issues occasionally disrupt bank transfers. Owed amounts stay pending during system failures. Verification checks also pause payments if SASSA finds application discrepancies requiring clarification.

Administrative Factors

Heavy application volumes slowing document processing can delay batches of grants. Public holidays or weekends may stall approvals temporarily as well until staff return.

Resolution Efforts

While frustrating, SASSA resolves identified delays swiftly within their capacities once underlying issues get addressed for normal payments to resume. Delays happen but typically do not last indefinitely.

Other Reasons for Declined SASSA Grant Applications

Seeing the words “status declined” is disappointing. A range of common factors result in rejected SASSA grant applications. Typical Rejection Triggers include the following.

  • Receiving UIF/NSFAS aid
  • Incorrect personal data
  • Incomplete forms
  • Unmet age limits
  • Residency issues
  • Administrative processing mistakes
  • Failing verification checks
  • Exceeding income thresholds per the Means Test
  • Disqualification by regulations

All the reasons mentioned above can lead to the denial of SASSA grants.

Address The Basis

Review the exact basis provided in your rejection notice. If you disagree or believe it was an error, file an appeal within 90 days providing counter-evidence. Or reapply to fix any problem areas if the decision seems right. Targeted correction helps.

While denial reasons vary applicant by applicant, understanding the root cause allows you to appeal to or improve your application.

Appealing a Declined SASSA Application

You can appeal the decision if you believe you qualify for an SRD grant, but SASSA unfairly rejected your application. The Independent Tribunal handles these appeals.

Appealing a Declined SASSA Application

Challenge the Decision

The appeal process lets you contest an eligibility denial and get reassessed if you disagree with the outcome. Appeals must be filed within 90 days of the original status decision.

Provide Required Information

To start your appeal, supply your full name, contact details, SASSA reference number, reasoning why you should qualify, and any supporting documentation. Evidence backing your case is key.

Submit to the Tribunal

Send all that information to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals through their portal. This body reviews the appeal details.

Possible Outcomes

If the Tribunal agrees SASSA wrongly declared you ineligible based on the evidence, they instruct SASSA to overturn the rejection and award benefits. If the initial decision is upheld, however, they dismiss the appeal attempt.

Next Steps After Applying to SASSA

Once you submit a SASSA SRD application, the verification process begins reviewing your eligibility. This involves cross-checking details across government databases.

Identity Confirmation

Your name, surname, and ID number get verified against Department of Home Affairs data to confirm identification.

Background Screening

Your ID number also gets screened across UIF, NSFAS, and SARS systems to validate unemployment/income status and identity.

Notification of Outcome

After completing the verification process, SASSA sends a notification by phone, email, or mail stating if your application was approved or declined, plus the rationale.

You can also proactively check the status by calling SASSA 0800 6010 11 anytime during the review process.

Requesting reconsideration for a rejected SASSA R350 grant

If your R350 grant application gets rejected, SASSA offers an appeals process in cases where the denial seems unjustified based on eligibility facts.

Background on Denials

Declines often result from mismatches between applicant-provided details and government identity or employment/income verification databases. Problems at corresponding banks also sometimes interfere.

How to Dispute

If you disagree with why SASSA denied your application, locate the Reconsideration tab on their portal. This allows formally contesting the rejection with counter-evidence, requesting a reassessment for possible approval.

Ensuring all your initial details are accurate as input to their means testing model aids applications. But appeals give recourse disputing their decision if you still qualify under current situations.

How to Check Your R350 Appeal Status?

If your R350 application got rejected and you filed an appeal that is now pending review, here is how to check its current status:

Visit The Status Site

Go to the ( website and log into the same account used to submit your initial R350 application that got denied.

Locate Appeal Status

In your account, under the Application Status section, click on “R350 Appeal Status” to open the appeal standing lookup.

Provide Details

On the next page, input your 13-digit South African ID number and the reference number assigned when you first applied through SASSA for the R350.

View Current Standing

After entering those identifying details, click Submit. Your current R350 appeal status will display, notifying you if it is still pending, approved, or denied.

Update Contact Info

The page also provides a link to update any outdated contact details in your application to ensure you receive status update SMS notifications.

Checking online periodically lets you monitor your appeal progress.

When and How SRD Grants Get Paid?

After doing a SASSA status check, your next question is likely when and how you’ll receive owed grant funds. Payout details come the month before.

Advance Schedule Notice

By the end of each month, SASSA confirms the payment date for the next 30 days. But you can only collect after getting a grant releasing SMS.

Payment Channel Process

If you provided bank account details in your application, the money is directly deposited to that account on the scheduled date. Without bank info, you’ll need to physically collect cash at a local post office or retailer like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Spar, etc.

So, after verifying your status is approved, await the SMS notification of your personalized payment date and details based on the chosen delivery channel. Checking status doesn’t automatically release owed funds.

Verifying Your SASSA Balance?

If you receive SASSA grants via bank transfer, check your balance by logging into online banking or your bank’s phone app. This allows instant confirmation of the latest deposited amounts.

Other Payment Methods

For recipients using alternate payout channels like cash send or SASSA cards, you can check your balance by dialing 1203210# on your phone.

Following account-specific processes for balance inquiries allows conveniently viewing grant funds received and available according to SASSA’s latest records.

How to Check SASSA Payments on Govchat?

Govchat is the official SA government communications app. It lets you conveniently verify your SASSA payment status online through its integrated chatbot.

Get Govchat

Download the free Govchat app or register at govchat. app with your cell number.

Ask About Your Status

Type “Sassa” inside the app to bring up the SASSA bot. Then, message “Status” to gather information on the latest payment releases and cycles.

The Govchat platform makes getting automated SASSA payment updates easy by chat.

Let’s look at different Scenarios of the SASSA Status Check

In the ongoing grant application and disbursement process, questions and issues sometimes arise around status. There are a few common scenarios grant applicants encounter when checking standing. Let’s examine some examples of SASSA status check results and what they indicate. Understanding potential statuses that display allows you to properly address the next steps when you verify your own.

SASSA Payment Not Received

If you have been approved for an R350 grant but have yet to receive owed funds, there are steps to identify common holdups.

Confirm your Payment Method

First, confirm your chosen payment delivery method and that your application’s contact details are correct. If not, update your banking/phone number. Temporary delays also happen on weekends/holidays while payments are processed.

If you are existing beneficiaries

If you have already received grants recently but new payments are missing, verify your status online shows active without cancellations. If a disruption occurs, call SASSA at 0800 60 10 11 to inquire about resolving outstanding issues.

Possible Payment Problems

Delays in processing transfers happen, especially around public holidays when offices are closed for a few days. Technical errors during bank deposits can also temporarily pause disbursement.

Proactively checking details are accurate and contacting SASSA with concerns helps identify and fix the underlying reason. This way, payments are correctly sent in future cycles.

What if You did not receive an SMS After SASSA Status Approved?

Seeing your application approved but not receiving an SMS notification is problematic since the text contains critical payment details. However, there are solutions.

Possible Explanation

Issues like incorrect contact info in your application, cell network interruptions, system failures delaying messages, hitting monthly caps from SASSA, or post office account problems could be the cause.

Steps To Resolve Missing SMS

First, give it a few days if the SMS is delayed. Check with your bank about potential account or transfer issues, too.

Verify your current mobile number is correctly on file with SASSA if it is later than the payment date. If no SMS comes after five days, call the SASSA helpline.

As a last resort, directly visit your nearest SASSA office for assistance if you confirm no money was sent to your bank/method either. Getting urgent support is key.

“SRD Grant Now Active” Means Approved

That status means your R350 grant application got approved by SASSA after verifying your eligibility. You will now receive monthly payments from SASSA at the scheduled dates.

SASSA R350 Grant Extended to March 2025

In late 2022, President Ramaphosa announced an important update regarding the SASSA R350 grant. He recognized that this aid is vital for nearly 7 million South Africans to afford basic living costs, so he confirmed that the vital grant program got extended.

Ongoing Support

This welcome news means the SASSA R350 grant will now remain available for those depending on it until at least March 2025. Further extensions are also possible as more funds get budgeted beyond the new March 2025 expiration date. This gives struggling citizens ongoing assistance in meeting critical needs. The government strives to secure financing to perpetuate this lifeline relief fund.


Checking the status of your SASSA grant application regularly by phone, website, in person, or via the multiple digital options outlined is important for claimants awaiting decisions. Proactively monitoring status helps ensure your submissions and details advance properly through verification checks toward the desired final approval.

While waiting can be difficult for those in urgent need, frequently verifying where your forms stand avoids losing necessary SASSA aid simply due to fixable issues stalling the process or incorrect details. Don’t hesitate to inquire directly with offices if major concerns arise during the review. Knowing your standing enables resolving common application problems promptly.


You should check your SASSA application status about once a week or every two weeks while SASSA is processing it. Checking more frequently usually gives the same pending response until updates occur.

You can check your SASSA status by visiting our official website at or by calling the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11.

If your application was declined, you can submit an appeal within 90 days to contest the rejection. Or you can apply again after fixing any issues from the last application that caused the denial.

To update your phone number, visit your nearest SASSA office with your ID and proof of your new contact details to change it in their system.

If your status stays pending longer than the typical processing timeline for that grant type without updates, contact the SASSA call center to inquire about your case.

If the SASSA online portal displays an error when accessing your status, try again later or verify your internet connection works on other sites. Technical issues sometimes temporarily disrupt website access.

No, the SASSA Status Check service is typically designed for individuals to check their own grant status. Checking someone else’s status without their permission may violate privacy regulations.