Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status Online 2024

Children are often the neglected part of society. But remember, if their basic needs are not neglected during childhood and nurtured, they become a huge burden on society when they grow up. Considering these issues, SASSA introduced the Child Care Grant to support children under 18 years of age so they can thrive as dignified South African citizens.

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Some specific categories of children are targeted, like the disabled, orphans, and those completely dependent on others. This aid is delivered to the children through their legitimate caregivers.

Additionally, if you are wondering about the eligibility criteria for applying for the Child Care Grant, what documents are required, and how to check your Child Care Grant status, continue scrolling down the article and find answers to your questions.

Check SASSA Child Support Grant Status

What is the Child Care Money? – An Overview

The Child Care Money is the R510 per month free cash given every month to folks taking care of a child under 18 years old. It’s to help pay for food, health, and school the kid needs. This amount goes up a bit to R520 starting in April 2024.

You can get the Child Care Money if you are the mom, dad, foster parent, guardian, or any grown-up responsible for a child. The child must live with you.

Moreover, for each child without parents you care for, you can get a total of R760 each month from the Child Care Money program (R510 + the R250 extra).

Who Qualifies for the Child Care Money

The child support grant has strict eligibility rules. Both the caregiver and child must meet certain criteria. Let’s review the exact requirements to qualify.

For the Caregiver

  • You must be a South African citizen or have permission to live here long-term with the right paperwork.
  • You need to live in South Africa.
  • Caring for the child must be your main responsibility.
  • Like a foster parent, You cannot be paid to care for the child.

For the Child

Must be under age 18. Must live in South Africa with the caregiver applying. It cannot be cared for in a government home. They cannot get any other financial help from the government.

The caregiver and child must qualify and show the right paperwork. Bring these documents when applying to get childcare money.

Required Documents When Applying

You need to show a few key documents when applying for child support money.

  • First, have your ID book with your 13-number barcode ready.
  • pull out the original copy of your child’s birth certificate that displays their ID number.
  • In addition, gather up proof of how much money you make, like recent payslips, bank statements, your UIF card, and things like that.
  • If possible, get a paper from your child’s school and their health clinic card too.
  • If, for some reason, you don’t have IDs or a birth certificate, you can provide affidavits from the police station instead.

Bring all these papers together when you go to apply. This gives the people in charge what they need to process your application.

Ways to Apply for the Child Care Money

There are two ways you can put in your application to get the monthly Child Care Money.

Go to the SASSA Office

Walk into the SASSA office near where you live. Tell the agent you want to apply for the Child Care Money. They will give you the application to fill out by hand. Someone who works there can help if you have questions while filling it out.

Apply Online

Starting in 2023, you can apply online for the Child Care Money without visiting the office.

  • Go to the SASSA website and click “Apply” then “Child Care Money.”
  • Fill in all the boxes in the online application form.
  • Scan and upload copies of the papers needed to show you qualify.
  • Send in the finished application on the website.

Either way, provide all the right documents with your Child Care Money application. This helps speed up approval.

How Long Until You Get Money

It usually takes about three months after applying for the Child Care Money before your application is finalized.

The exact time depends on how long the background check steps take. Also, how busy your local SASSA office is plays a role.

Some people get their money in 1 month. Others have to wait up to 6 months.

Keep looking at your application status online to see where it’s at.

Once they approve you, the Child Care Money payments start from when you first applied. So you get all the back pay you were eligible for, too.

Checking the application progress online lets you know how much longer it will take before you get this financial assistance.

What If Your Application is Denied

If SASSA says no to your Child Support Grant application, you can ask them to review it again.

Here’s what you do if this happens:

  • SASSA will mail or email you a letter saying you are rejected.
  • Write an appeal letter to the National Department of Social Development within 90 days.
  • Explain why you think SASSA made a mistake denying you.
  • Include copies of any documents that support approving you.
  • The Department will review your appeal and make a final decision.

If the department decides SASSA was wrong, your childcare money starts again, including back pay. So it’s worth appealing.

How to Get Your Money and Check Your Balance

Once approved for the Child Care Money, you have choices on how to receive and access the funds:

Getting Your Money

You can get your SASSA child to grant through the following means

Bank account deposit – The money can go into your account monthly.

Cash withdrawal – Use the SASSA card at certain ATMs and shops to take out cash.

Care home payout – The money goes to them if you are in a shelter.

SASSA Child Grant Balance check online

Dial 1203210# or 12069277#* on your phone to check your SASSA card balance.

  • Ask the SASSA WhatsApp support bot to view available funds.
  • Go to any ATM and insert the SASSA card to see the balance (a small fee applies).
  • Call 0800 601 011 to speak to an agent who can tell you your account balance.

If you need to update your banking details, you can change them directly with SASSA later. Staying on top of your application status online is an easy way to track the Child Care Money from processing through getting those monthly payments.

Child Support Grant Dates

The Child Care Money comes on these days:

  • December – Tuesday, December 5th 2023
  • January – Friday, January 5th 2024
  • February – Tuesday, February 6th 2024
  • March – Thursday, March 7th 2024

Mark your calendar with when it gets deposited each month. Then, withdraw the funds within five business days before it expires.

Key Takeaways on Child Support Grant Payment Dates

  • The Child Care Money comes after the older people’s monthly money.
  • It starts getting paid out on the 3rd unless that lands on a weekend or public holiday.
  • You have five business days from the start date to collect your funds.
  • Then you would have until the following Monday to access the cash.
  • Be sure to withdraw the full Child Care Money amount during those five days when it’s available in your account.

Knowing exactly when the monthly payments get released, and the collection deadline helps budget this assistance. Checking your account status online shows the payment dates each month.

How Long You Get Child Care Money

  • You receive the monthly Child Care Money until the child turns 18.
  • The last payment comes in the month after their 18th birthday.
  • Let SASSA know when your child reaches 18 so they can stop the funding on time.
  • If your child has a disability, you can apply for the Disability Grant for ages 18+ instead.

The Child Care Money lasts around 18 years per child as long as you qualify. Checking your grant status online also shows when your funding term will expire.

How to Report SASSA if You Have Issues

If you have any problems with the Child Care Money, let SASSA know right away:

  • Go to your local office and talk to someone.
  • Call the SASSA help number to ask for help.
  • File a complaint or question on their website.
  • Follow up quickly if your money doesn’t arrive on time.
  • Report suspected fraud by giving all the details.

Speaking up when something seems wrong helps SASSA look into and fix it quickly. The sooner you notify them of payment issues, eligibility, or anything else, the quicker they can assist.

What Happens If You Commit Fraud

It is against the law to lie on your Child Care Money application or take the money when you don’t qualify. If caught doing fraud, here is what can happen:

  • Fines and/or jail time up to 12 months
  • Must pay back any money you should not have gotten
  • Get banned from all government money help for ten years
  • Have a criminal record that hurts job chances
  • Get charged under fraud prevention laws

They take grant scams very seriously. Be 100% truthful when applying to avoid facing criminal punishment and other major penalties it can bring.

When Child Care Money Payments End

You stop getting the monthly Child Care Money in these cases:

  • The child dies.
  • The child turns 18 at month’s end.
  • You don’t take out the money for three months.
  • The child leaves the country.
  • The child goes into a government care facility.

SASSA doubles that you still qualify at times. Also, tell them immediately if something changes in your or the child’s life that affects eligibility. This helps avoid payments stopping unless they should, per the rules. Losing funding you depend on creates hardship, so follow requirements.

Wrapping it Up

The Child Support Grant provides monthly cash assistance to eligible caregivers for the basic needs of children under 18. Understanding the application process, required documents, payment methods, and follow-up protocols helps recipients utilize this essential funding.

Checking your grant status online provides visibility into the next steps. Being aware of the consequences of fraud also prevents jeopardizing this help. Ultimately, the CSG aims to aid vulnerable households in providing nutrition, health, and education during childhood. Following the rules and checking in periodically ensures stable access to this financial relief.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who qualifies for the child support grant?

The primary caregiver of a child under 18 who passes a means test and meets other eligibility criteria qualifies. This can be a parent, foster parent, guardian, or other relative caring for the child.

How much is the monthly child support grant amount?

The grant pays out R510 per eligible child per month. This amount increases yearly, with an additional R250 monthly for double orphan children.

How long does it take to process applications?

It usually takes around three months to finalize child grant applications but can vary between 1 and 6 months, depending on the case. Check status online.

What documents do I need to apply?

You need IDs, birth certificates, and proof of income/residency/responsibility for the child. The full requirements are listed on the SASSA website.

Can I receive the grant if not a South African citizen?

Permanent residents and refugees with valid papers qualify for the child support grant.

How do I check the status of my application?

You can check your application status online via the SASSA website, mobile app, SMS, telephone, or local office visit. Tracking progress is recommended.

What should I do if there’s a discrepancy or error in my SASSA Child Support Grant status?

If you notice any discrepancies or errors in your application status, contact SASSA immediately to rectify the issue.

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