How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay? R350 Payment Options

Pick n Pay is a great option for SASSA beneficiaries to collect their funds. Not only is it faster than other collection points, but Pick n Pay also allows recipients to shop for essential items right away under the same roof. So, no doubt PnP is a friendly collection point but how to get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay? Don’t worry, we’ll share how.

How to Get SASSA R350 at Pick n Pay 1

Different Ways You Can Collect Your SASSA Grants

Millions of South Africans rely on SASSA grants to get by. Here are the the different ways you can collect your SASSA grants;

Post Office:

This is the most common method beneficiaries avail to collect their grants.

Bank Account Deposits:

Grants can be directly deposited into the beneficiary’s personal bank account. This is a secure and convenient method, allowing for easy access to funds through bank ATMs or card transactions.

Retail Partners:

SASSA has partnerships with certain retail stores where beneficiaries can collect their grants. These include but are not limited to:

Collecting grants at these retailers often involves using a SASSA card or the ID linked to the grant for verification.

Cash Send Services:

Some banks offer cash send services, where beneficiaries can withdraw their grants at ATMs or specified retail outlets without needing a bank account. This method requires a secure code sent to the beneficiary’s mobile phone.

Mobile Payment Solutions:

In some cases, grants can be accessed through mobile payment platforms, allowing beneficiaries to receive and spend their grants using their mobile phones. This option’s availability may vary and is subject to SASSA’s current offerings and partnerships.

Can You Get Your R350 Grant at Pick n Pay?

Yes, you can collect your sassa r350 grant from Pick n Pay. One of the major complaints that beneficiaries had in the past while collecting the R350 grant payments were long queues and extended periods of wait. Limited grant collection points further made it difficult for beneficiaries, who would often travel from far to collect funds on time.

However, in recent years SASSA has paid special attention to solving this matter of inconvenience for the beneficiaries. Especially by increasing the number of grant collection points. For this reason, SASSA partnered with big organizations to offer their beneficiaries an alternative collection point in addition to the traditional points.

How To Collect Your R350 Srd Grant From Pick N Pay

Here is how you can collect your R350 grant from Pick n Pay;

  1. Wait for an SMS notification from SASSA confirming your grant is available for collection. Ensure the SMS specifies that you can collect at Pick n Pay.
  2. Have your South African ID and the cellphone that received the SMS notification ready. These will be used to verify your identity and grant eligibility.
  3. Go to a Pick n Pay store that offers the grant collection service. Not all stores might offer this, so it could be beneficial to confirm ahead of your visit.
  4. At the store, proceed to the Money Market counter or a designated till point where grant collections are processed.
  5. Present your ID and provide the cellphone number that received the SMS. The store staff will verify your details and grant eligibility through their system.
  6. Once verification is complete, you will receive your R350 grant in cash. The process might require you to enter a PIN or sign a receipt for confirmation.
  7. Ensure you receive a receipt or confirmation of the transaction. This will be useful for your records and any future queries.


How do I collect my R350 grant at Pick n Pay?

SRD grants can be collected At PnP by simply showing the staff notification and your ID. After your verification is completed, you can get your R350 grant at Pick n Pay.

Where can I collect the R350 grant?

You can collect your R350 grant from Pick N Pay, the SASSA local office, specific retail stores and in your account as well.

How can I get R350 on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp may be used for applying or managing your SASSA grant application but you can’t directly receive money on WhatsApp.

Can I check my SASSA grant balance at Pick n Pay?

Yes, you can check your SASSA grant balance at the Money Market counter at Pick n Pay. The cashier can assist you in checking your balance.


Thanks to Pick n Pay, beneficiaries now have an excellent alternative to waiting in a queue for hours to collect their grant payments. The process of collecting the grant payment at any of PnP stores is quite easy.

All you have to do is simply show the notification on your device and present your ID for verification. Once you are verified, collect your R350 grant from Pick N Pay.

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