How to Change Your SASSA Phone Number for SRD Grant – A Guide

SASSA offers a Social Relief of Distress Grant SRD Grant to eligible citizens and residents. This helps them get temporary financial assistance. There are several reasons why anyone wants to change his phone number. Sometimes, you may lose your phone, switch to another network, or update your contact details.

How to Change Your SASSA Phone Number for SRD Grant - A Guide

You will get answers to how to change your SASSA phone number for the SRD Grant here in this guide. Do this by calling the toll-free number. Or you can try emailing the SRD team or visiting a SASSA office. We will also provide some tips on how to avoid common problems and errors when changing your phone number.

Why Update Your SRD Phone Number?

Keeping your phone number updated with SASSA offers several benefits. You get alerts via SMS or calls about your grant application status, payment details, and any program updates. Outdated contact info can be a real pain. Especially when you’re waiting on important grant updates from SASSA. You may have to face financial issues by missing out on the updated information.

How to Change Your SASSA Phone Number for SRD Grant: Different Methods

1. Online Method (With Application ID)

This is the fastest way to change SRD cellphone numbers online. This works best if you have your application ID readily available.

  • Gather your information: You’ll need your 13-digit South African ID number and 6-digit application ID.
  • Access the SASSA contact update page: Visit
  • Enter your details: Input your ID number and application ID, then click “Submit.”
  • Update your phone number: Briefly explain why you need to update your contact details, enter your new phone number accurately, and click Submit again to confirm.

2. Call Center Method

If you don’t have your application ID, contact the SASSA call center. Dial at 0800 601 011 to change your phone number. Choose the option to change your SASSA number and have your ID number for verification. A representative will guide you through the update process.

3. Changing Your Phone Number Without Application ID

While the online method with the application ID is preferred, there’s an alternative answer to, how to change the SRD phone number:

  • Find out the nearest SASSA local office. Explain your situation and ask for help with updating your phone number. They may require additional identification documents for verification.
  • Contact your SASSA regional office and ask for the Sassa change number. You can find contact details for your regional SASSA office online. You can also call the national call center. Explain your situation and inquire about alternative methods for updating your phone number without the application ID.

How to Change SRD Phone Number: Handy Tips

  • Use a stable internet connection. A reliable internet connection is crucial to avoid any interruptions during the update process.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies. In this way, you can go smoothly during the application procedure. Also, try using a different browser.
  • Be cautious of scams. SASSA will never ask for your personal information through spam emails or phone calls. Only update your details through the official SASSA website. You can also contact their verified call center number.
  • Keep a record of your updated information. Once your phone number is updated, note down the changes for future reference.

How to Change SRD Phone Number: Handy Tips

How Long Does it Take to Change My Phone Number?

The process depends on the method you choose for this. Some options offer faster processing times than others.

Online updates through the SASSA portal are often the quickest way, completing within 24 hours. However, alternative methods like email requests or in-person visits at SASSA offices might involve longer waiting periods. It takes a long due to verification procedures and potential queues.

Therefore, to make the SASSA change phone number procedure faster, choose the right option. It’s recommended to prioritize updating your phone number as soon as possible. Additionally, following up on the status of your grant application after the change is crucial to confirm successful implementation.

Can I Change Phone Number on Sassa More Than Once?

While modifying your SASSA phone number for the SRD grant is possible, certain limitations exist. You can only request updates once within 24 hours and must provide a valid reason like losing your phone, changing your SIM card, or initially using someone else’s number.

Various methods for updating your phone number are available, including online, via email, through the call center, or in person. Also, check the How to Find SASSA Reference Number.

Can I Change Phone Number on Sassa More Than Once?

However, frequent changes are discouraged as they may cause confusion or delays in receiving your grant. It’s best to use a reliable and secure phone number you consistently access and promptly inform SASSA of any necessary changes. This ensures a smooth and successful experience while managing your contact information for the SRD grant.


maintaining an updated phone number with SASSA is crucial for ensuring seamless communication and timely updates regarding your SRD grant. Whether you have your application ID readily available or not, the methods outlined in this guide provide options for effortless updates.

Remember, staying informed and proactive about your contact information goes a long way in ensuring a smooth and successful experience with your SRD grant.


How long do you have to wait to get R350 after changing the number?

You will have to wait for 14 days for SASSA to verify your new contact details and process payments.

Can you collect my R350 without a phone number?

No, you can not receive SASSA payments without your cell phone number. This is mandatory to receive SASSA status and payment dates for the approved month.

Where do you find your SRD application ID?

Visit the Sassa website for a status check and enter your South African ID Card number and old cellphone number registered with your social grant. Now you will click the Submit button to receive your Application ID. You’ll find your SASSA Application ID in the first line of results.

How long does it take for my new phone number to be updated for the SRD Grant?

The processing time may vary, but typically, your new phone number should be updated within a few days to a week after submitting the necessary documents and information.

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