Check SASSA Care Dependency Grant Status Online in 2024

SASSA grants are not limited to just a few categories; they reach every deserving individual after a comprehensive survey. SASSA found that many individuals depend completely on others and require 24-hour full-time care. For such affected individuals, SASSA introduced the Care Dependency Grant.

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When people apply for this grant once, they face difficulties checking its status. They become extremely worried about how to check the SASSA Care Dependency Grant online.

Apart from this, some people are eligible but don’t know how to apply for the grant and the eligibility criteria. To get information about all these and more regarding the Care Dependency Grant, read the content in the article carefully and benefit from this grant in easy ways.

Check SASSA Care Dependency Grant Status

What is a Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency Grant is provided monthly by the SASSA government agency. It helps families, including real parents, caregivers, or foster parents of children under 18 with serious lifelong disability. Caregivers must meet income rules and show medical proof of the child’s disability.

If approved, currently, caregivers receive R2,090 each month. This money aims to aid struggling families in caring for a child who cannot live independently.

What You Need to Apply for a Care Dependency Grant

When you apply for help to care for a child who needs extra help in their daily life, you must bring some important papers. This is so the government office can confirm who you and the child are. They also want to check the child’s needs and if you qualify for financial assistance.

Identification Papers

You need to bring your 13-digit ID book with the barcode. This national ID tells them who you are as the caregiver. You also need to bring an ID for the child, like their birth record papers. This shows the child’s full name, date of birth, and ID number.

Proving Relationships

Documents need to show your relationship with the child. This confirms you are this child’s parent, grandparent, or legal guardian. Good examples are birth certificates, adoption papers, or sworn statements.

Income Proof

Documents of your earnings help decide eligibility. Bring your last three paycheck stubs if you work. If you receive government aid, bring your unemployment insurance card. Bank statements could also work. This gives details on how you provide for the child now.

Validating Care Needs

Medical proof of the child’s condition and daily care is required. A detailed letter from their doctor explaining their health situation is important. This confirms why they require financial assistance for care dependencies.

Other Tips

If you don’t have all the documents, the office provides paperwork to fill out as sworn statements instead. Carefully read all instructions on the application to know what substitutes are accepted.

Why Check My SASSA Care Dependency Grant Status

When you apply for the Help for Caring Money from SASSA, you should check in on your application often. This helps catch any issues and ensures you get approved properly.

See Where Things Stand

Frequently check where your application is at with processing. This way, you know if more info is needed or if you got fully approved.

Get Payment News

Once accepted, check the status to see the dates when the money will come and the amounts. This helps plan around when you will receive the monthly grant funds.

Avoid Problems

You can catch things early by reading status updates, like if they need updated paperwork. This prevents troubles that could risk your grant stops.

Confirm the Money Came

The online status will show when each monthly installment was sent to your account. Checking often avoids worries that payments are missing.

Staying on top of your status keeps your Help for Caring Money secure. Check it routinely to prevent problems!

Different Methods to Check the Care Dependency Grant Status

The following are some of the easiest and most authentic methods to check SASSA care dependency grants. Let’s see them in detail.

Checking Status Online

The SASSA website makes it easy to check the status of your Help for Caring Money application online. Just follow these simple steps to view updates.

  • First, go to on your internet browser. Click on the “Login” link in the top right. This takes you to the portal to enter your details.
  • Next, under Grant Status, select “Beneficiary” from the dropdown menu next to the card number. Enter your 13-digit South African ID number and click Submit.
  • If registered, you will see login options for your username, password, and one-time. Key those incorrectly to access your account. If new, fill in your details to create a user profile.
  • Click “View Status” in the Care Dependency Grant section once logged in. This shows the processing stage, the latest amounts, and payment details.

Check back often by logging into the SASSA portal. Monitoring your status this way prevents issues and ensures steady funds. Contact SASSA if login troubles.

Check the SASSA Care Dependency Grant through Our instant Tool

If you want a quick and accurate application status, you can use our tool by clicking on the following link. []

Just enter your ID and reference number and click the search button, and you will instantly see the result of your care dependency grant.

How to check your SASSA care dependency grant status on the Moya app

There is an app called Moya that lets you see how your application for the Help for Caring Money is going.

  • First, use your phone to download the free Moya app. Open the app, click “Access,” then tap “Check Status”.
  • Choose the Care Dependency Grant to check. Put in your 13-digit ID number and the phone number you used to apply.
  • Finish the one-time setup as the app instructs. Then, the Moya app will show your grant details.
  • This includes whether your application was approved, when future payments will come, and the money you got so far.

The Moya app makes it quick to get the latest on your caregiver’s financial support without visiting an office. Use these steps to view your application status.

Checking Status by Text Message

You can check how your Help for Caring Money application is doing using text messages.

  • First, open up the messages app on your phone. Start a new text to the number 082 046 8553.
  • In your message, type “CDG,” then put a space. After that, write your 13-digit South African ID number.
  • Hit send, and the automated system will text you back within a minute.
  • The return text will show details like if you were approved and when your next installment should come. You can also see the payments you have already.

Using text messages is an easy way to see your care grant status. Just send a text as described to the SASSA number anytime.

Checking Status on WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp to get updates on your Help for Caring Money application.

  • First, save the SASSA status number 082 046 8553 in your phone’s contacts.
  • Open WhatsApp and start a chat with the SASSA contact you just saved.
  • Type “CDG” then a space and your 13-digit South African ID number.
  • Hit send, and an automatic response will come back within seconds.

Your message will have details like whether you were approved yet. It shares when your next money installment should happen, too.

WhatsApp makes it super easy to check your grant application status anytime. Just send your ID as a message to get all the latest details sent right to you.

Checking By Phone Call

You can call SASSA’s no-cost number to hear about the status of the Help for Caring Money application stat. Use your cell phone or landline to call 0800 60 10 11.

  • When the automated voice starts, pick the language you want.
  • Listen to the menu and select the options to check on your care dependency grant.
  • Put your 13-digit South African ID number on the phone keypad when it asks.

The robot voice will then read out details about your application. This includes if you were approved when upcoming payments should happen, and installment history.

How Long Approval Takes to Confirm the CD Grant

Applying for the Help for Caring Money can take up to 3 months for SASSA to decide.

They must review all the documents and confirm if you meet the rules. A worker may also call your doctor with questions.

If you qualify, payments start coming from when you first asked for the grant. So you get the monthly money owed since applying.

If SASSA denies your application, they mail you a letter explaining why. This will describe options if you disagree, like submitting appeal forms.

The process is not quick, so allow plenty of time after applying. Keep checking your status while SASSA makes its decision. Call them with any questions during this period.

What are the SASSA Care Dependency Grant Payment Dates

With the Help for Caring Money, knowing when your installments should come each month is key. Payment days can vary and happen in batches.

To check the schedule, go to our SASSA website and find the page listed as “Payment Dates.”

Look for the latest calendar year table that goes month-by-month with the grant payout dates.

Search down to find the section on the Care Dependency Grant. It will show the specific dates those stipend recipients get paid.

Put those dates in your calendar to remember when installments should arrive. Pay attention in case of changes on the SASSA site.

Knowing the payout schedule prevents worrying about where your grant money is. If unsure, check the Payment Dates page so you get the Help for Caring funds on time.

How much is the SASSA Disability Grant amount?

As of October 1st, 2023, the Help for Disability Money from SASSA is 2,090 rand monthly. This amount aims to help cover costs for people unable to work due to disability.

SASSA does checks, though, and may reject that month’s money if your bank balance is over R1,080 rand when they assess. So keep savings under that number.

What are the SASSA Disability Grant Payment Methods

There are different ways to receive the monthly installment:

Cash Pickup: You can get the cash at designated pickup points on scheduled days. Just ensure you have the right documentation.

Bank Deposit: Another option is direct deposit into your bank account, including Postbank. Fees may apply.

Care Homes: If living in an approved disability home, they distribute grants monthly.

Be sure to notify SASSA promptly regarding any changes to how you receive the Help for Disability Money, like switching bank accounts.

When Grants Suspended or Lapsed – Why?

There are a few reasons your monthly Help for Disability Money from SASSA could be suspended or canceled entirely.

This may happen if your situation changes, such as improved health or income. Also, if a review finds you no longer qualify. Or if you missed the paperwork they required.

When Checks Stop

The money will stop coming right away if:

  • You did not cooperate fully with the review questions.
  • You were tricky or misleading when applying.
  • SASSA made a mistake first approving your grant.
  • You passed away recently.

Losing It Long-Term

These things could end payments for good:

  • Enrolling in a state college or university
  • Not claiming the grant for three months straight
  • Moving to live in another country

Knowing why grants are halted or not renewed helps fix problems with SASSA faster. Tell them right away of any status changes, too.

What to do If Your Disability Grant Application is Not Approved

If SASSA denies your request for the Help for Disability Money, they will send you a letter. This will explain why you did not meet the disability grant requirements.

If you think it was a mistake, you can fight the decision. You must write an appeal letter to the Minister of Social Development. Make sure to appeal within 90 days of getting the first rejection notice from SASSA. This gives you a second review.

Having your doctor or social worker help with the appeal letter can improve your chances of getting approved next time.

Contact Information

If you need more details or assistance with understanding disability grants, you can contact the Department of Social Development.

Their toll-free helpline number is 0800 601 011. Calling this is free; you can ask questions about qualifying, applications, payments, and more.

You can also email them at [email protected] to inquire about the Help for Disability Money programs. This email goes to the disability grants division at SASSA.

Be sure to include your full name, contact information, and South African ID Number when reaching out for support. Detailed questions by phone or email usually receive prompt replies from their subject matter experts.


The SASSA care dependency and disability grants provide essential financial aid for South Africans caring for dependents or living with disabilities. By understanding the application process, eligibility criteria, status-checking options, and payment methods, recipients can ensure the smooth delivery of these pivotal grants. Staying informed, organized, and proactive enables grant beneficiaries to access necessary assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are grants reviewed?

Grants are reviewed every 1 to 3 years, depending on the disability. This confirms recipients still meet the eligibility criteria.

What is the turnaround time for applications?

It typically takes 1 to 3 months for SASSA to process applications and finalize decisions. This depends on the strength of the submitted evidence.

Can grants be received outside South Africa?

No, recipients must reside within South Africa to qualify, as confirmed under oath when applying. Exceptions apply for temporary medical treatment abroad.

What are the common reasons applications are rejected?

Frequent reasons include insufficient medical evidence, not meeting residency requirements, exceeding income thresholds, or having conflicting disability grant types open.

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