Check SASSA War Veterans Grant Status Online 2024

Sassa introduced the War Veterans Grant for the brave soldiers who risked their lives to protect the country during the Korean War and World War 2. Only those patriotic individuals who are 60 years old and permanent residents of South Africa are eligible for this grant.

Under this grant, Sassa offers a monthly amount of R2,200, with an increase of R10 every month, to its retired soldiers as a token of appreciation. Although this amount may seem small considering their services, Sassa offers it as an honor to financially weak soldiers.

Check SASSA War Veterans Grant Status Online 2024

If you or anyone among your relatives participated in the wars mentioned above and want to know the criteria for applying for the Sassa War Veteran Grant, what documents are required, and complete information, I have written everything in detail in the article. Let’s discuss it together.

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What is the Means Test for the SASSA War Veterans Grant?

The means test is how SASSA checks if you have enough money to get the grant. They look at your income and the things you own. As of April 1, 2023, there are two important rules:

1. Money You Make (Income Threshold)

  • You can’t make more than R96,840 in a year if you’re single.
  • If you’re married, you and your spouse can’t make more than R193,680 a year.

2. Things You Own (Assets Threshold)

  • If you’re single, the value of everything you own can’t be more than R1,372,800.
  • If you’re married, the value of everything you and your spouse own together can’t be more than R2,745,600.

Each type of grant has its own means test to check if you qualify based on how much money you have.

Who Can Apply for the SASSA War Veterans Grant?

Before you apply for the war veterans grant, make sure following conditions:

  • You are a South African citizen or have a permanent residence permit
  • You live in South Africa
  • You are 60 years old or have a disability
  • You don’t get any other social grant for yourself
  • Fought in the Korean War or World War II
  • You don’t live in a state-run care facility
  • You meet the income and asset limits:
    • If you’re single, your yearly income must be R96,840 or less (R8,070 or less per month), and your assets must be worth R1,372,800 or less
    • If you’re married, your combined yearly income must be R193,680 or less (R16,140 or less per month), and your combined assets must be worth R2,745,600 or less.

What Papers You Need to Apply for the War Veterans Grant?

To apply, go to your nearest SASSA office with:

  1. Your ID book with a 13-digit barcode. If you don’t have an ID:
  • Fill out a special SASSA form before a Commissioner of Oaths who doesn’t work for SASSA.
  • Bring a signed statement from someone important (like a leader, social worker, or principal) who can say your name and age are correct.
  • Show proof that you’ve applied for an ID at Home Affairs.
  • Bring a temporary ID from Home Affairs if you have one.
  1. Proof that you served in the war, like a certificate.
  2. If you’re under 60, a doctor’s note saying you can’t work.
  3. Proof of whether you’re married or not:
  • If single, a signed statement saying you’re single.
  • If married, your marriage certificate and your spouse’s ID.
  • If divorced, your divorce papers.
  • If your spouse died, their death certificate.
  1. If you or your spouse work, your pay slips.
  2. If you don’t work, your UIF book or a letter from your last job.
  3. If you have a bank account, your statements for the last three months.
  4. If you have investments, information about the money you make from them.

Someone can apply for you if you’re too old or sick to go to the office. They should bring you or a doctor’s letter explaining why you can’t come.

At the office:

  1. Fill out the form with the SASSA officer. Only you or the officer can fill it out.
  2. Keep the receipt they give you as proof that you applied.
  3. If you want cash payments, the officer will tell you when to come back and what to bring.

How to Apply for the War Veterans Grant

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Go to a SASSA office
  2. Apply online

1. Applying at a SASSA Office

  • Go to the SASSA office closest to where you live.
  • Fill out the application form with the help of a SASSA officer. Only you or the officer can fill it out.
  • The officer will also ask questions to see if you qualify for the grant.
  • If you’re too old, sick, or have a disability and can’t go to the office, someone you trust can go for you. They should bring a letter from you and a doctor’s note saying why you can’t come.
  • After you apply, you’ll get a receipt with the date, the name of the officer who helped you, and your application number. Even if you don’t qualify, keep this to show that you applied.

2. Applying Online

  • Open the SASSA website on your computer or phone.
  • Look for the place on the website where you can apply.
  • Fill in the form on the website with your name, address, and information about your money.
  • Take clear photos or scans of the papers you need and upload them to the website.
  • Click the button to send your filled-out form to SASSA.
  • Wait for SASSA to message you back about your application.

How Long Does it Take?

When you apply for the War Veterans Grant, SASSA might take up to 3 months to review your application and make a decision. If they approve your grant, you’ll receive money starting from the date you applied, not just from the date they decided. Also, check the Sassa Referred Status.

If they don’t approve your application, they’ll send you a letter explaining why they said no. The letter will also tell you what you must do if you ask them to review your application again because you think they made a mistake.

How Much Money Will You Get from the SASSA War Veterans Grant?

Starting April 1, 2024, the SASSA War Veterans Grant will give each person R2,200 monthly.

From October 1, 2024, the amount will increase slightly. Each person will then get R2,210 per month.

How Will You Get Your Money?

SASSA will give you your grant money in one of these ways:

  • Cash on a certain day at a place they tell you to go
  • They’ll put the money straight into your bank or Postbank account (the bank might charge you for this)
  • They’ll give the money to a place like a welfare organization to give to you

SASSA also gives you an advantage; if you can’t get the money yourself, you can let SASSA know that someone else will collect it for you. You can do this by filling out a form at the SASSA office or by giving someone else the legal right to get the money in your place.

How to Check Balance on Your SASSA War Veterans Grant?

It’s good to check how much grant money you have left often. This can help you plan how to spend your money wisely. After SASSA approves your application and you start getting your payments, you can check your balance in these ways:

  • Use your phone to dial 1203210# or 12069277#
  • Check at any ATM (you might have to pay normal bank fees)
  • Send a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553
  • Call the free SASSA phone number 0800 601 011

When Will Your Grant Stop?

Your grant will lapse if:

  • You are no more/pass away
  • You leave South Africa for more than 3 months
  • You start living in a place run by the government
  • You don’t collect your grant money for 3 months in a row

It is important to note that If you move into a place where the government pays to take care of you, they’ll only give you 25% of your usual grant money. This smaller amount will start in the 4th month after you move in. You’ll start getting your full grant again when you leave that place.

When may your grant be suspended?

The SASSA War Veterans Grant supports those who bravely served. However, there are certain situations when the grant may be suspended.

  • If your life changes and you don’t qualify anymore
  • If you lied or cheated on your application
  • If you don’t help when they need to check your information again
  • If they check again and decide you shouldn’t get the grant anymore
  • If they made a mistake when they first approved your grant

How to Restore or Getting Your Grant Back

If you think SASSA made a mistake when they stopped your grant or if you don’t agree with their choice, you can ask the Ministry of Social Development to look at your case again. This is called an appeal.

You have 90 days to send your appeal to the National Department of Social Development from the day your grant stopped.

When may SASSA review the War Veterans Grant?

SASSA might want to check your information again to see if you qualify for the grant. They’ll look at how much money you said you made when you first applied.

They’ll tell you 3 months before they need to review your grant or when they need a “life certificate” to show you’re still alive.

If your grant money goes to a bank, institution, or someone else, you must fill out a life certificate at a SASSA office once a year.

What to Do if SASSA Does Not Approve Your War Veterans Grant Application?

If SASSA decides not to give you the grant and you think they made a mistake, you can:

  1. Ask SASSA to look at your application again. This is called a reconsideration request.
  2. If SASSA still says no after reviewing your application again, and you still think they’re wrong, you can ask the Ministry of Social Development to review your case. This is called an appeal.
  3. You have 90 days after SASSA says no to start your appeal.
  4. The Ministry of Social Development will examine your appeal and decide. If they agree, they’ll tell SASSA to give you the grant. If they agree with SASSA, they’ll send you a letter saying why they think SASSA was right to say no.

Bottom Line

The SASSA War Veterans Grant helps people who fought in the war. To get the grant, you must meet certain rules and provide the right papers to SASSA. It doesn’t cost any money to apply. If approved, you’ll get R2,200 each month starting in April 2024 and R2,210 from October 2024. If you have any questions or need help, call SASSA or visit one of their offices nearby.


Can I apply for the War Veterans Grant if I already received another grant from SASSA?

No, you cannot receive the War Veterans Grant if you already get another grant from SASSA.

What happens if I don’t collect my War Veterans Grant for several months?

If you don’t collect your grant for three months in a row, your grant will stop. You’ll need to reapply to start getting the money again.

Can I get the War Veterans Grant if I am not a South African citizen?

You must be a South African citizen or a permanent resident to get the grant.

How will I know if my War Veterans Grant application is approved?

SASSA will send you a letter informing you if your application is approved. They might also contact you by phone or email.

How Much Money Do You Need to Apply for the War Veterans Grant?

You don’t need any money. Applying for the War Veterans Grant is free. You won’t have to pay anything.

Is there a way to expedite the process of checking my SASSA War Veterans Grant status?

Unfortunately, there’s typically no way to expedite the process of checking your grant status. However, you can ensure that you provide all the necessary information accurately to avoid delays.

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