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The Sassa grant scheme has 18 million beneficiaries. A significant number of them are disabled people who have lost hope in life due to their disabilities. But Sassa has provided relief to them through disability grants so that their disabilities do not pose barriers and they can live respectfully.

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Despite this, many disabled individuals are living tough lives due to a lack of awareness. Are you or someone you know suffering from any disability and do not know how to get a grant from Sassa?

Do not worry. I have described everything from the eligibility criteria to getting the disability grant approved. So, let’s discuss everything you need to know to check SASSA Disability Grant Status Online.

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Overview of the SASSA Disability Grant

A disability grant is a monthly payment provided by SASSA to individuals with disabilities that impact their ability to work. There are two main types of disability grants:

Permanent SASSA Disability Grant

The permanent disability grant is for individuals whose disability is expected to prevent them from working for more than 12 months. To qualify for this grant, your disability must be certified to last for over a year.

Temporary SASSA Disability Grant

The temporary disability grant is given to those whose disability is expected to prevent them from working for 6-12 months. So, if your disability is certified to prevent you from working for at least 6 months but less than 12 months, you may qualify for the temporary disability grant for that period of incapacity to work.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Disability Grant

To qualify for a disability grant in South Africa, you must meet several criteria:

Citizenship and Residency Requirements

You must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee living in South Africa.

Age and Living Situation

You must be between 18 and 59 years old and not living in a government care facility.

Documentation Needed

You need a green, 13-digit ID book or smart ID card. If you don’t have an ID, you must sign a sworn statement and show you’ve applied for one.

Financial Means Test

You must earn less than R86,280 per year (single) or R172,560 (married). Your assets must be less than R1,227,600 (single) or R2,455,200 (married).

Medical Assessment

You need an exam by a government doctor who will assess your disability level and complete a report that is valid for 3 months. Provide any old medical records or reports to the exam.

Understanding the Disability Grant Means Test

The means test checks if you qualify financially for the SASSA disability grant. There are two main parts – an assets threshold and an income threshold.

Asset Limits

  • Single people must have assets less than R1,372,800
  • Married couples combined must have assets less than R2,745,600

Your assets include savings, investments, property values, etc.

Income Cutoffs

  • Single people must earn less than R96,840 per year
  • Married couples combined must earn less than R193,680 per year

This includes all wages, salaries, and additional income sources.

Purpose of the Test

The means test ensures only people facing financial difficulties due to disability receive assistance. It determines if you fall under the eligibility limits to qualify.

Step-by-Step Process to Apply for a Disability Grant

Knowing the application process for disability grants can be complex. Following key steps properly increases your chances of success. Let’s examine the step-by-step process to apply.

Complete the Application Form

First, fill out a disability grant application at your nearest SASSA office with an officer present.

Provide Required Documentation

You need to submit copies of the following documents:

  • 13-digit bar-coded ID or refugee documents
  • Medical and assessment reports confirming disability
  • Proof of marital status, residence, income/dividends, assets
  • Bank statements for three months
  • UIF or discharge papers if previously employed
  • Spouse death certificate and accounts if applicable

ID and Citizenship Rules

If you lack an ID, you must sign an affidavit and apply for an ID within the first 3 months. Your application can be processed while awaiting the ID. But if you ultimately don’t obtain an ID, your grant may be suspended later on.

Keep the Receipt

When you turn in your application, SASSA will give you a receipt. Save this as your proof that you applied.

Awaiting Approval

It takes up to 90 days for a decision after submitting a complete application. If approved, your first payment comes in 140 days.

Payment Method

You choose either direct deposit to your bank account or pick up cash payments.

How Much Waiting You Have to Observe for Approval of the Disability Grant

After submitting your complete disability grant application to SASSA, you have to wait up to 3 months total to find out if you’ve been approved. The process happens in stages. First, SASSA takes up to 90 days from receiving your application to make an initial decision and notify you whether your disability grant was approved or denied.

  • If your application is denied at this stage, you can file an appeal.
  • However, if SASSA notifies you that your disability grant application was successful, It takes another 50 days after approval, up to 140 total from application to receive your initial disability grant payment.

But the good news is this payment will be backdated to the original date you applied. So, once you start receiving it, the disability grant money will be paid retroactively for the entire wait period.

SASSA Disability Grant Schedule

The SASSA disability grant payments go out at the beginning of each month. Recipients can check the schedule below to see the dates for when the monthly disability grant will be paid. Knowing the payment dates allows beneficiaries to effectively budget and plan around when they will receive their grant money.

Grant Type March 2024 April 2024 May 2024
SASSA Disability Grant 5 March 5 April 4 May
SASSA Older Persons Grant 2 March 4 April 3 May
SASSA Child Support Grant 6 March 6 April 7 May

How You Get Paid SASSA Disability Grant

There are a few options to receive your funds. Understanding the methods helps ensure access. Let’s explore the ways SASSA sends out the monthly disability grant payments.

Payment Locations

SASSA can pay your disability grant money in cash at certain pay points. You go there on your scheduled payment day each month. You can also withdraw cash at stores like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, and Spar.

Bank Account Deposits

Your money can go into your bank account. This includes Postbank accounts. The bank may charge you a small fee for depositing the money.

Care Institutions

If you live in a disability home, the money can be paid directly to that institution. This is done if the government does not fund the home.

Tracking Your Money

Every month check that you got paid the right disability grant amount. Make sure to collect payments on your scheduled date. If there are issues, contact SASSA right away to fix it.

Reporting Changes

Tell SASSA if you switch where you want to get paid. Also, tell them about any changes to your situation. This will prevent future payment issues.

How Much Money Will You Get From SASSA Disability Grant in 2024?

You can get monthly money from SASSA if you have a disability that prevents you from working. The amount changes over time. But the maximum disability grant in 2024 will be around R2,090 per month.

On April 1st, 2023, the disability grant amount was R2,080 per month. On October 1st, 2023 it increased by R10 to R2,090 per month. This is the maximum amount SASSA will pay.

You need to qualify first before getting this monthly money. A doctor will assess your disability. SASSA will also check the rules to see if you qualify. If approved, SASSA tells you when the money starts coming. You can use this disability grant money for costs related to your disability and living expenses.

When Your Grant May Be Suspended?

There are scenarios where your benefits could be halted. Learning the reasons reduces confusion. Let’s review situations that may lead to your disability grant being suspended.

Changing Situations

SASSA can suspend your disability grant if your circumstances change from when you were first approved.

Review Outcomes

Your grant might also be suspended based on the outcome of scheduled grant reviews.

Lack of Cooperation

If you do not cooperate with SASSA’s review of your continuing grant eligibility, your payments may be suspended.

Fraud or Misrepresentation

They will also suspend your grant if you commit fraud or purposely misrepresent your situation.

Approval Mistakes

Finally, your grant can be suspended if SASSA later discovers a mistake was made when originally approving you.

Circumstances When Your Disability Grant May Lapse

Certain life events impact grant eligibility. Understanding these circumstances prevents problems. Let’s examine situations that can cause your monthly disability grant to lapse.


Your disability grant from SASSA will lapse if you pass away.

Admission to State Institution

If you are admitted into a government care institution, your grant will lapse.

Not Claiming Payments

If you fail to claim your disability grant payments for 3 months in a row, your grant will lapse.

Leaving the Country

Your grant lapses if you travel outside South Africa.

Special Rules for Some Institutions

If you are in a facility under contract with the government, after 3 months your grant is reduced to 25% the maximum amount. It stays reduced while you are there. But it then restarts at the full amount on the day you are discharged.

Preventing Lapse

To avoid grant lapsing, make sure to meet all requirements. Notify SASSA of changes. And claim payments on time monthly.

What to do If Your Disability Grant Application is Denied

Coping with a rejection letter is difficult. Challenging the decision may be possible. Let’s explore your options if your disability grant application gets turned down.

Reasons may include:

  • Your disability is not severe enough
  • You did not qualify financially
  • Issues with your documents

If you disagree with the rejection, you can appeal. Write a letter to the Minister of Social Development within 90 days. Explain clearly why you should qualify for the grant based on your situation. Providing more medical records and financial details can help your appeal. SASSA will review your case again.

How Much Does the Sassa Disability Grant Cost?

Applying for and receiving the disability grant from SASSA costs you nothing. The application process and grant payments are completely free government services for eligible citizens. You should never have to pay any fees for the disability grant program.

Different Ways to Check Your Disability Grant Balance

Once you start receiving monthly disability grant payments, it’s important to check your balance periodically. This allows you to manage the money and make informed spending decisions.

USSD Mobile Check

You can check your SASSA balance by dialing 120#3210# or 120#69277# on your phone. This USSD code gives your grant amount available.

ATM Balance Inquiry

Most ATMs also display your balance when you insert your card. But the bank may charge a small fee.

SASSA WhatsApp

Another way is messaging the SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 to request your latest balance via text.

Call The Toll-Free Number

You can also call 0800 601 011 to speak with a SASSA agent who will check and inform your current disability grant balance. Checking often helps you track where your grant money goes and plan expenses.

Concluding Remarks

The SASSA disability grant provides essential financial assistance if you are facing difficulties working due to a disability. To receive help, you must meet all the eligibility criteria and qualify through the means testing process. This evaluation checks your financial situation is below set thresholds in both income and assets.

By undergoing assessments and submitting applications properly, citizens facing hardship can access this monthly grant money. When utilized responsibly, it covers costs so you can focus on health despite the challenges posed by disability. Meeting requirements takes diligence but gains you crucial support.

Frequently Asked Question

How often do I need to reapply to renew the disability grant?

You must reapply and renew your disability grant every 1 to 5 years depending on your medical condition. SASSA notifies you as your renewal date approaches.

Can I still get the grant if I start working part-time?

Yes, you can still qualify for reduced grant amounts based on income thresholds, even if you are working part-time. Report your job and latest payslips to SASSA.

What documents do I need for my disability grant application?

You need an ID, proof of residence, medical reports confirming disability, bank statements, income/asset declarations, if applicable, and other supporting documents.

How do I change my disability grant payment method?

Visit your nearest SASSA office to change your payment method from cash paypoint collection, bank deposit, or institution payment.

Can I receive the disability grant if I receive UIF benefits?

Yes, you can get both UIF benefits and the SASSA disability grant payments at the same time if you meet the eligibility criteria.

What steps do I take if my application gets rejected?

Request an application rejection letter from SASSA stating reasons why you did not qualify. From there, you can file a written appeal to the Minister of Social Development.

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