SASSA Reapplication for R350 SRD Grant – Complete Procedures

Like several South African citizens, I have come to rely on the Social Security Agency (SASSA) This social institution is doing well in supporting vulnerable citizens. It provides a safety net for many, especially the elderly, children, and the disabled, and offers quick financial help. However, sometimes applications for social grants are rejected, leaving individuals wondering what to do next.

SASSA Reapplication for R350 SRD Grant - Complete Procedures

This is where the SASSA reapplication comes into play. Having gone through this process myself, I understand the complexities involved. This guide aims to demystify the process, explore possible reasons for initial rejection, and equip you with the tools to navigate successfully. We’ll dive into the steps involved, solve common problems, and offer helpful tips to ensure a smoother operation.

Sassa Reapplication for r350: Application Procedures

Before getting to the Sassa srd reapplication task, let’s recall the process of filling out the first application form. When an application for a social grant is made, they must meet given specific conditions or requirements.

They generally differ from each other as their purpose is to finance old age grants old age benefits, disability grants, child support grants, etc. Candidates have to submit true and complete information and attach appropriate papers. The application itself provides the basic setting of the approval and any mistakes or missing information at this stage can be the reason for rejection.

Reasons for Sassa SRD Reapplication

There are several reasons why you might need to reapply for the r350 grant:

1. Grant Expiration

The main reason probably is that your grant is over”. SASSA grants mostly run for a fixed period, in between a few months and a year. After this term has ended, you’ll apply again for sasa registration for r350.

2. Change in Circumstances

  • You can still be qualified for the grant if your eligibility criteria change due to variations in income, employment status, or living standards.
  • Income: If you earn more than a level provided to you, your grant will either be suspended or canceled. On the other hand, if your income drops again then you might become eligible to reapply and get your grant again.
  • Employment: Your grant may be lifted or reduced, depending on the program and your specific income from work. But, in some cases, the people earning an income may also get the chance to be eligible for select grants for specific reasons.
  • Living situation: Transfer of residence, including the situation where you are no longer a leading caregiver for your dependent child, could change your eligibility status and necessitate reapplication.

3. Application Rejection

If you find yourself in the situation of receiving an initial refusal from the SASSA grant, you have the right to appeal the decision. After the whole appeal procedures are done, once it is decided that you meet the set eligibility conditions, you might need to formally reapply so that the grant might be considered.

4. Eligibility Verification

SASSA sometimes does the checks to verify but it is not so often. When the qualification is verified and if during such verification it is found that a discrepancy or a doubt exists regarding your eligibility for the grant, you may have to reapply again to confirm the current situation and your suitability for the funds.

5. Suspend or Cancel Funds

If your grant was stopped or canceled due to lapse or disqualification which may include missing some verification steps, you might have a chance to apply again after revisiting those factors that led to the lapse. Nevertheless, it is always recommended that you first look into the policies and the associated factors concerning SASSA.

6. Change in Age Criteria

Occasionally, age limits are introduced in the guidelines for SASSA grants for candidates to be qualified. If you were unqualified for granted because of your age restrictions and you have reached the minimum age allowance you can try for sassa reapply for the grant.

How Can You Apply For Sassa Reapplication?

You can initiate a reapplication of SRD grant in two ways:

1. Online Reapplication

  • Accessing the Portal: Visit the official SASSA beneficiary web portal. Look for the “Update your Existing Application for Reapplication” button (wording might vary slightly).
  • Identity Verification: Enter your valid South African ID number and your registered mobile phone number in the designated fields.
  • Updating Information: Carefully review the existing information in your application. Update any outdated details like contact information, residential address, or dependent information (if applicable). Be sure that the shared information is valid and matches your current situation
  • Submitting Your Reapplication of Sassa: After you’ve gone through the renewal and made the necessary amendments, you should send it electronically using the link that’s been provided on the link. A confirmation page might appear with a reference number. Make sure to note down this number for future reference and tracking purposes.
  • Checking Status: Regularly check your online account or the SASSA website for updates on the status of your reapplication. You might be able to find updates under a “My Applications” section or a similar area.

2. In-Person Reapplication

Downloading the Form: Visit the SASSA website or a trusted source to download the required reapplication form. Print the form and fill it out accurately and truthfully with all the necessary information requested.

Gathering Documentation: Ensure you have all the required documents to support your reapplication. These typically include:

  • Residence Proof (e.g., utility bill, bank statement)
  • Income evidence (if available, such as pass slips or SASSA payment receipts)
  • Details of the bank (account and branch code).
  • Any additional documents requested by the SASSA

Visiting Office: Find your closest SASSA office. Ts easy to find its exact location on the SASSA website. You should visit the office during their operating hours, which are mentioned on the website. Or you can make a phone call for more information.

Submitting Your Application: Send the finished and signed redemption statement with all the necessary documents to a SASSA official at the office.

Obtaining a Receipt: Ask for a receipt confirming your reapplication submission for your records. This receipt may contain a tracking number or reference number.

Checking Status: Similar to online reapplication, periodically check the SASSA website or contact your local SASSA office for updates regarding your application’s status. You might be able to inquire about the status by phone or in person.


Reapplying for social grants through SASSA is not just paperwork; it’s a lifeline for those in need. As applicants, remain diligent, seek assistance if required, and understand that SASSA’s mission is to provide vital support to eligible individuals. Remember to consult the official SASSA website for the latest guidelines.


What is Sassa’s status check for r350?

This is a method to check the SASSA SRD R350 status. You need to call 0800 601 011, choose Check SRD Status, and follow the prompts accordingly. You can also check it by dialing 1203210# on your phone. You will choose Sassa R350 Status, and enter your ID number.

How do I know if my R350 is approved?

It is easy to check your status in two ways. Visit the SASSA SRD website and enter your ID number and phone number used during the application. SASSA may send updates about your application status.

Why is my Sassa R350 approved but no payment?

If your SASSA R350 is approved but no payment has been received, your application may have been canceled. Rejection of your application could be due to discrepancies like a wrong bank account number, an excess amount in your bank account, or verification issues.

What happens if I don’t reapply for my SASSA grant?

If you fail to reapply before your grant expires, your payments may stop, causing financial hardship. It’s crucial to reapply on time to avoid any disruption in assistance.

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