How to Apply for an R350 Grant Using GovChat: A User Guide

To apply for various types of grants, Saasa has introduced a reliable platform named GovChat. It is a user-friendly platform making the application process for grants more efficient. SRD popularly known as the R350 grant is also included in its services. You will learn about GovChat and how to apply for an R350 grant using GovGrant in this article.

How to Apply for an R350 Grant Using GovChat

Understanding GovChat

This is a platform that connects South African citizens and government services. The users have access to various government services, such as

  • Social grants
  • Service delivery issues
  • Covid-19 symptoms

Users communicate using the WhatsApp messaging platform. They can contact public representatives, such as ward councilors, mayors, etc freely.

The main goal of this service is to improve public service delivery. It works as a bridge to promote open communication between government entities and the citizens in need of help. The best part is this service is free for both citizens and government. It has the honor to be the world’s first citizen engagement platform that uses WhatsApp. There is also a warning system alerting users about impending risks.

Benefits of Using GovChat for R350 Grant Application

Convenience: Applying is a breeze from the comfort of your home. It is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. There is no need, to visit physical offices.

Efficiency: The online process is faster as compared to traditional methods.

Transparency: Tracking the application status and receiving updates via the internet is another benefit.

Security: GovChat uses smart security tactics to protect personal information.

Benefits of Using GovChat for R350 Grant Application

How to Apply to an R350 Grant Using GovChat: Easy Ways

Find detailed information on the SASSA official website. Get ready all the necessary documents. These may include South African ID, proof of income, and banking details. Now follow the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Register on GovChat

  • Visit the GovChat official website or download the app. Get it from the app store like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Enter your valid South African phone number where asked.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA verification to confirm you’re not a bot.
  • You will receive an OTP via SMS for registration confirmation.
  • Enter the OTP in the provided field and click Register.

Step 2: Access SASSA Services

  • After completing registration, log in to your GovChat account using your phone number and password.
  • Look for the Services section on the platform.
  • Now you will select SASSA Services from the available options.

Step 3: Initiate Grant Application

  • In the “SASSA Services” section, choose SASSA Grants.
  • Click on Apply for a grant and then select Social Relief of Distress.
  • Choose Create New Form to begin the application process.
  • Now start filling out the GovChat Application Form for Applying to SASSA SRD R350

Step 4: Complete the Application Form

  • Carefully read and understand the instructions.
  • Fill out the application form accurately. This includes personal details, contact information, and residential address. banking details Income information.
  • Ensure all information is right with your supporting documents.

Step 5: Supporting Documents

  • Upload scanned copies of supporting documents.
  • Ensure the scanned documents are clear and within the allowed file size limit.

Step 6: Review and Submit Application

  • After completing the GovChat Application Form for SASSA SRD r350 upload documents.
  • Review all the details again.
  • Once satisfied with the accuracy, click Submit.

Step 7: Track Application Status

  • You have now completed your application. SASSA will confirm that it has been received, and then screen the information before informing you of calculations and amounts.
  • You will be allocated a reference number upon submission.
  • You can use this number to track your application status on the SASSA website or through your GovChat account.

What Is the Eligibility For R350 Grant through GovChat?

To apply, you need to:

What Is the Eligibility For R350 Grant through GovChat?

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Permanent resident or refugee registered with the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Be aged 18 or older.
  • Not be receiving any income or social grant.
  • Have no other means of financial survival and are unable to meet your immediate family needs.
  • Demonstrate a need for the grant.
  • Provide identification, either a smart card green barcode, or temporary ID.

If you meet these conditions, submit your application for the R350 grant. There are two options for this, through the GovChat website or mobile app. You can start today and apply from the comfort of your home.

Things To Remember

  • GovChat is a platform, not an application itself.
  • Eligibility for GovChat SASSA aligns with the R350 grant eligibility criteria.
  • The R350 grant provides temporary financial support.

By following these guidelines and utilizing GovChat, you can streamline the application process for the R350 grant and potentially receive much-needed financial assistance.


With GovChat you get an efficient and convenient way to apply for the R350 grant. The process is easy and you can even apply from your home. By following the steps in our guide above it is easy to get this financial aid soon.

Visit the GovChat website for more assistance and resources. You can also contact SASSA directly if you need further help or have questions.


Should I Have to Reapply for the R350 Grant 2023?

Last year the grant was extended to March 2024. You will continue receiving the grant and you do not need to reapply.

Why is Your SASSA R350 Still Pending?

It may be due to some missing information on your form resulting in this issue. Or your application details are being cross-checked by various departments. It is recommended to wait for at least ninety days.

How to Collect R350 Without a Phone Number?

No, you can not get it without your phone number. SASSA Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grant cannot function without your phone number and your South African ID.

How long does it take for my R350 grant application to be processed through GovChat?

Processing times can vary, but typically, you should receive feedback on your application within a few weeks after submission. Be sure to provide accurate information to avoid delays.

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