What Time Do SASSA Offices Open: Getting the Help You Need

Sassa is one of the major government departments in South Africa. Several South Africans including me rely on the welfare grants they release. It is useful to note what time do Sassa offices are open if you want to visit any SASSA offices. You can visit in person, to make a grant application, ask about your application status, collect your grant card, or address any other issue that worries you, it is important to know their work hours.

What Time Do SASSA Offices Open

Sadly, SASSA does not have the one fixed closing time for all offices nationwide.

Still, I have gathered some useful information about Sassa’s closing time from my research and experience. Here’s a breakdown of factors influencing SASSA office hours:

  • National Guidelines: SASSA has developed the nationally accepted rules for office times. These generally recommend offices to be open from Monday to Friday between 7:3AM and 04 PM. Yet, they are just recommendations, and there can be variations.
  • Regional Variations: The hours of operation may vary not only by region or province but also by a specific region itself. This is where some offices will schedule their workday to open slightly earlier or close a bit later, to meet the demands of the public.
  • Public Holidays: While SASSA offices are open on most public holidays, they are also closed on all the national holiday days in the country.

At What Time do SASSA Offices Open or Close?

Here are some resources to help you determine the specific Sassa operating hours of your nearest office:

  1. SASSA Website: The SASSA website (https://www.sassa.gov.za/) provides an SASSA Service Offices Map
  2. SASSA Website: An SASSA website (https://www.sassa.gov.za/) has a service center map which may be useful.
  3. You can find the location of your nearest office. Sassa has given address maps on its website. Clicking on the specific office might reveal Sassa’s working hours.
  4. Provincial Offices: Each province has a dedicated SASSA office with contact information readily available on the SASSA website. You can contact your provincial office directly to inquire about operating hours for local offices.
  5. SASSA Number: It is easy to ask about the SASSA Office hours by using your phone. Sassa provides a toll-free number to serve important information. This is very helpful in places where you do not have internet access. You can even use text messaging in such demanding situations.

Sassa Office Details

Let’s explore some major SASSA offices:

Sassa Office Details - Sassa-Status Checker

Pretoria SASSA Office

Soshanguve SASSA Office

  • Location: Block L, Soshanguve Plaza, Soshanguve.
  • Contact Number: 027 12 730 7000
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: SASSA Soshanguve

Roodepoort SASSA Office

  • Location: 91 Main Reef Road, Roodepoort.
  • Contact Number: 027 11 760 8000
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: SASSA Roodepoort

Johannesburg SASSA Office

  • Location: 501 Prodinsa Building, 37 Sauer Street, Johannesburg.
  • Contact Number: 027 11 241 8300
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: SASSA Johannesburg

SASSA Office Stellenbosch

  • Location:14 Plein Street, Stellenbosch, 8135, Western Cape
  • Contact Number: 0218711682
  • Email: [email protected]

Tips for a Smoother SASSA Office Visit

  • Plan: Ensure that you carry with you all the documents needed in your particular inquiry and application at an SASSA office before you go.
  • Consider Going Early: SASSA offices can get busy, especially toward the end of the month when grant payments are distributed. Going early in the morning or during weekdays with less foot traffic can help you avoid long waiting times.
  • Be Prepared to Wait: Even with planning, waiting times can occur. Get yourself something to distract you while you are waiting.
  • Dress Comfortably: Offices of SASSA are rarely air-conditioned, so take care to dress for warm temperatures.

Alternative Options to Contact SASSA Offices

If you’ve tried contacting SASSA through their usual channels (phone, email) and haven’t been successful, here are a few alternative options:

1. The Presidential Hotline

This hotline specializes in handling unresolved service delivery issues, including those related to social grants. Contact them at:

2. SASSA Social Media (indirect approach)

While SASSA doesn’t handle individual inquiries through social media, you can try sending a private message to their official accounts on Twitter (https://twitter.com/OfficialSASSA/status/1285950822887694340?lang=en) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SassaNews/). Briefly explain your situation and the attempts you’ve made to reach SASSA directly.

Remember, this is an indirect approach, but they might suggest alternative solutions or point you toward relevant resources.

3. Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals

If your issue specifically concerns an appeal for the SRD Grant, you can contact the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). Contact them at:

4. Provincial SASSA Offices

Some provincial SASSA offices might have their own websites or social media pages. These resources might offer alternative contact details that you can try. However, reaching the national office directly is usually the recommended approach.


Knowing SASSA trading hours is crucial for accessing essential social grant services. While standard guidelines suggest a weekday schedule (7:30 AM to 4:00 PM),  regional variations and public holidays can affect actual operating times.

This guide has equipped you with various resources to determine your nearest SASSA office’s specific hours. By following these tips and utilizing the resources provided, you can efficiently access the information or services you require from your local SASSA office.


Are SASSA offices open on weekends?

SASSA offices typically follow regular business hours and are closed on weekends. If you need assistance, I recommend contacting them during their weekday operating hours.

Does SASSA pay on Sunday?

SASSA does not typically process payments on Sundays. Their payment schedules usually align with regular business days. If you’re expecting a payment, it’s best to check the specific payment dates provided by SASSA to ensure accuracy.

Does SASSA have an email address?

You can also send your grant queries to SASSA email at [email protected] directly. Please include your ID number in your email subject. It will help them identify you easily and ensure a quick response.

Are there any specific days when SASSA offices open later or close earlier?

SASSA offices generally maintain consistent operating hours, but occasional adjustments might occur due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s recommended to verify the opening hours beforehand.

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