SASSA Means Test – A Detail Guide for Everyone [2024]

In South Africa, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Means Test is critical.
It chooses who gets social aid based on their money situation. The test checks a person’s income and the things they own to decide if they qualify for government support.

SASSA Means Test - A Detail Guide for Everyone [2024]

What is the SASSA Means Test?

The SASSA Means Test checks how much money a person or family has. It looks at things like wages, belongings, and costs. This helps find out how much aid they need.

The Means Test aims to aid those who need help the most. It evaluates a person’s financial situation to spot who needs help with necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare.

SASSA Means Test Explained?

Decimal? Fraction? No – the Means Test reviews your income and wealth before any social grants are given. Income can be wages, pensions, or any earnings. Assets are properties, investments, or savings you may have.

You’ll need to share detailed financial information, like bank statements, pay slips, or proof of assets. Then, SASSA officials can use this to decide if you’re eligible for help.

Who Can Apply?

Social grants are available based on factors like how much you earn, who lives in your house, and if you have people who depend on you. Each grant type has unique rules. SASSA and the South African government sometimes change these rules.

Grant Types

SASSA runs different programs giving financial help to those in need, such as:

1. Elder Support: Elderly people with limited income sources are eligible for this grant. It especially targets seniors lacking other financial support.

2. Disability Grant: This grant is transferred to South African people with disability. It can help pay for their everyday living costs and medical bills.

3. Child Support Grant: Caregivers looking after kids under a certain age can get this. It’s based on your income. The main goal? To take some of the financial load off and help kids from less fortunate households.

4. Foster Child Grant: If you’re looking after a child who isn’t your own, you can apply. It’s designed to help meet the kids’ needs and provide support for the foster family.

5. Care Dependency Grant: The Care­ Dependency Grant atte­mpts to lessen the mone­tary pressure on caretake­rs of kids with serious handicaps or medical issues.

What is the Importance of the Sassa Means Test?

The Me­ans Test plays an important role in guarantee­ing that social aid programs support people who require­ assistance the most. By precise­ly evaluating the monetary circumstance­s of applicants, SASSA can distribute resources productive­ly, amplifying the effect of public be­nefits and other structures of backing.

What is the Importance of the Sassa Means Test?

The­ Means Test helps SASSA de­termine who truly lacks sufficient income­ or assets to meet the­ir basic needs. It allows the organization to focus funding on South Africa’s most vulne­rable residents, like­ children, elderly citize­ns, and persons with disabilities. A well-administe­red Means Test e­nsures social assistance reache­s those intended to re­ceive help in the­ir time of need.

Understanding SaSSA Means Test Calculator

To calculate your income, you need to add up all of the money that you or your household receive from any source, consisting of wages, salaries, pensions, investments, rentals, or donations. The profits of a married man or woman are calculated collectively with their partner, no matter their marital status. If you’re divorced or separated, you want to include the preservation that you acquire or pay for your kids or former partner.

To calculate your assets, you want to feature the value of all of the belongings or property that you or your household own, together with houses, land, vehicles, furniture, jewelry, or cattle. The price of your asset is based totally on the market price, not the purchase rate or the sentimental price.

If you are married in a community of property, you need to encompass the assets of your spouse. If you’re married out of a network of property, you need to consist of the asset that you proportion with your partner, which includes a joint bank account or a joint bond.

Which Types of Incomes Are Considered Illegible to Get an SASSA Grant?

According to the latest information present on the SASSA official website, an income is any money that you or your spouse receive regularly. This includes the following:

Which Types of Incomes Are Considered Illegible to Get an SASSA Grant?

  1. Wages, salaries, bonuses, overtime, or commissions
  2. Pensions, retirement annuities, or other social security benefits
  3. Interest, dividends, or rent from investments or property
  4. Maintenance or alimony payments from a former spouse or partner
  5. Any other money that you receive on a regular basis

The SASSA Means Test is a way to make a right estimate of your income and assets. This helps in determining the qualifications for a social grant. The income and asset thresholds vary in each case.

To claim for the Child Support Grant, a single person must be earning more than R5 100 per month. And for a married person, the least income should be R10 200 per month. Anyone applying for the Older Persons Grant, must not earn more than R8 110 per month if he is single. And he must not earn R16 220 per month if he is married.

SASSA doesn’t only review such matters for new applicants, but they also continuously monitor current grant holders for their income sources or assets to prevent undeserving individuals from benefiting. Please be mindful of these processes and maintain a healthy relationship with SASSA to ensure ongoing support.


The SASSA Means Test plays a pivotal role in the administration of social assistance applications in South Africa. By comparing earnings and assets, the test helps discover people and families requiring help to meet their primary needs.

Through the powerful implementation of the Means Test, SASSA pursues to alleviate poverty, lessen inequality, and enhance the proper well-being of vulnerable populations throughout the country.


How much must you earn to qualify for the Sassa grant?

To get this grant, a single person should hold an income below R52 800 a year. And for a married person, both partners’ incomes shouldn’t be above R105 600 a year.

Who qualifies for the sassa old age grant?

A person over 60 and a resident of South Africa is eligible for this grant. This facility is not available for people who are living in a prison or an elderly home.

How much is the SASSA pension?

If you are aged 75 years you will get R2105. Anyone below the age of 75 years will receive R1985.

What information is needed for the SASSA Means Test?

Applicants typically need to provide details of their income, including wages, pensions, and other sources of revenue, as well as information about their assets such as property and savings.

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