SASSA WhatsApp Number – Contact Details for Grants

WhatsApp is highly popular in South Africa with millions of active users relying on it daily for communication. With this potential in mind, The South African Social Security Agency recently launched SASSA WhatsApp support to extend its assistance to the recipients. If you are wondering what is SASSA WhatsApp number, here is all you need to know about it;

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How to Contact SASSA Customer Care WhatsApp

Be it an inquiry or SASSA WhatsApp Line For R350 Grants, here is how you can contact SASSA customer care WhatsApp;

  • First, save the official SASSA WhatsApp number, 0820468553, to your contacts. (It is suggested that you recheck the SASSA enquiries number on the official website, as the SASSA WhatsApp Number is often updated.)
  • Once you have saved the SASSA WhatsApp number, open WhatsApp on your mobile device and start a new chat with the SASSA contact.
  • Clearly state the reason you’re contacting the SASSA WhatsApp helpline. If you’re contacting them regarding the R350 grants, mention “SASSA WhatsApp Line for R350 Grants” in your message. This will help quickly redirect your message to the appropriate department.
  • Include all necessary details in your message to the SASSA WhatsApp helpline, including your ID number, full name, and the query or issue you need help with. However, remember never to share sensitive personal information over WhatsApp unless you’re sure you’re communicating with the official SASSA WhatsApp support.
  • Now, wait for a response from the SASSA customer care team and If you don’t receive a response within a few hours, send a follow-up message.

Services Offered by SASSA WhatsApp Assistance

Here is what you can expect from SASSA SRD contact details;

  • Assistance with applying for various social grants, including the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress and others.
  • Check the status of grant applications.
  • Update personal details, such as address, contact number, and bank account information.
  • Submission of necessary documents related to grant applications or updates.
  • Report issues or problems with grants, including non-payment, incorrect payment amounts, and more.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions and access to important information regarding SASSA services and grant requirements.
  • Schedule appointments or receive notifications.
  • COVID-19 SRD specifically for the R350 grant, services including application submission, and checking appeal status.

What To Do If SASSA Helpline WhatsApp Not Working?

Here is what you can do to get the assistance you need If the SASSA helpline WhatsApp is not working:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet, as sometimes poor connectivity prevents SASSA WhatsApp from working.
  • Double-check that you have the correct and current SASSA WhatsApp number saved. The correct number can typically be found on SASSA’s official website or official social media channels.
  • If WhatsApp remains unresponsive, you have other options. SASSA provides several alternative ways to contact them, including the SASSA SRD contact details on their website, email, or social media platforms. Additionally, there’s also a SASSA enquiries number available for direct calls.
  • As a last resort, if digital communication methods fail, consider visiting your nearest SASSA office.


How do I check my SASSA status on WhatsApp?

You can check the SASSA status on WhatsApp by providing the necessary information, such as the application number in the text.

How can I contact SASSA?

There are various ways you can contact SASSA, however one of the most convenient ways to get in touch is to message the SASSA WhatsApp number.

What is the SASSA WhatsApp number for R350 appeal?

The SASSA WhatsApp number is as follows: 0820468553.

What documents do I need to submit via WhatsApp for grant applications?

The documents required for grant applications may vary depending on the type of grant you are applying for. Generally, you may need to submit your ID document, proof of income, banking details, and any other relevant documents as specified by SASSA.


The SASSA WhatsApp number is an excellent alternative for citizens who would otherwise spend hours in queues for a simple inquiry or a grant firm. Now, with a simple touch of a button, you can easily get in touch with SASSA; save your valuable time and get your query answered instantly.

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