How to Check SASSA Balance For R350 – A Complete Guide

You are a South African who may depend on the R350 SRD grant for some financial support. Sometimes, it gets hard to keep up with your balance. While one is always good to watch their balance to avoid sudden shortages. I have gone through several ways of checking the SASSA balance in the past few months and now I can share them with my fellow South Africans enthusiastically. I hope you will find them useful.

How to Check SASSA Balance For R350

Here in this guide, I will explain to you different ways to check your R350 grant balance. We will also see why the SRD status check is important. Whether you use the grant for necessities or other essential expenses, monitoring your funds is crucial.

We shall focus on those strategies that can be used when checking your balance.

How to Check SASSA Balance For R350-A Guide

You can use the following ways for Sassa balance check for r350

1. Via WhatsApp

  1. Add the Number: The first step for this is to save the SASSA WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) in your contacts.
  2. Send a Message: You’ll receive automated prompts asking for necessary information. They may ask you for important information like your ID number etc.
  3. Receive Balance Details: Once you’ve provided the required details, you’ll receive a message with your current R350 grant balance.

2. Via Mobile Phone (USSD Code)

  1. Dial the USSD Code: On your mobile phone, dial either of the following USSD codes:
  • 1203210#
  • 12069277#
  1. Answer the Questions: Follow the preset questions to verify your identity.
  2. Receive SMS: Shortly after, you’ll receive an SMS containing your R350 grant balance.

3. At an ATM Machine

  1. Visit a nearby ATM
  2. Insert your SASSA grant card into the ATM.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your PIN.
  4. Choose the option for balance inquiry.
  5. Decide whether you need a printed receipt or not.

4. At a Post Office

  1. Visit Your Nearest Post Office: Head to the nearest post office.
  2. Present Your SASSA Card and ID: Approach the teller and provide your SASSA card and identification.
  3. Request Balance Check: Ask the teller to check your SASSA R350 grant balance.

Importance of Regular Balance Checks

  • Timely Payments: Regular checking of your balance ensures that you get your R350 grant on time.
  • Reversal Risk: Failing to promptly track your balance may cause revocations or delays in grants.
  • Financial Planning: Your balance status helps you plan for effective expenditure.

Sassa Status Check for r350 Payment Dates

Although an SRD status check confirms receipt of your R350 grant, it does not reveal the exact date when payments will be made. This is so since the date is not determined by individual banks but by SASSA’s internal processing and disbursement schedule.

Despite this, SASSA generally gives out payment windows for accepted grants. You can access this information on their website, social media platforms, or by communicating with the SASSA center available in your locality.

Therefore, if you do a SASSA status check and find out that your application has been approved, understand that you cannot establish from this point the specific date wherein the money will be sent to you. Instead, wait until an official communication comes from the department indicating when they shall be disbursing funds.

Is Sassa Status Check and Balance Check the Same?

While both processes are important in handling one’s SASSA grant; a SASSA status check shows where something stands right now rather than just what should happen next.

This gives you an idea of the timeframe for getting the grant if it is approved and provides an opportunity to deal with any delays or problems that may arise with your application.

Alternatively, a check on your SASSA balances a balance check SASSA can provide information about how much money is left in your account for the R350 grant. All this assists in the proper management of one’s finances as it facilitates knowing what balance remains and hence avoiding extravagant expenditures. Therefore, both checks are necessary for a comprehensive understanding of SASSA R350 grants about what has been applied and how funds have been distributed.


Being knowledgeable about your SASSA R350 grant balance matters. Checking your balance should become part of your everyday life regardless of whether you do it via WhatsApp, USSD codes, ATMs, or post offices. Thus, you will be sure that when you need financial backing most, it will find you at the right time.

Remember though, that there is help from your R350 grant—stay informed stay well off!


How to check sassa balance *130*?

To access 130 to get information on Sassa please put *130* on your mobile phone dialer keyboard and follow voice prompts by inserting Sassa card number and pin when asked.

What is a Sassa gold card balance check?

Dial *120*3210# from your phone. * Use WhatsApp: Text “SASSA” to 082 046 8553 and reply “Status”. * Visit the SASSA status portal and enter your card information.

What is SMS number to check sassa balance?

Send an SMS to 41058 with the message “Balance with your 13-digit SASSA card number.” * You will receive an SMS with your current SASSA balance.

Are there any charges for checking my SASSA R350 grant balance?

Checking your SASSA R350 grant balance via USSD may incur standard network charges, but there are usually no additional charges imposed by SASSA.

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