What Happens If You Don’t Claim Your SASSA Grant?

The world runs so fast and our memory is unreliable sometimes that we miss a due date or an appointment. But what happens if you dont claim your SASSA grant for a month or two? these grants are of immense importance in relieving poverty and also improving the living conditions of beneficiaries.

What Happens If You Dont Claim Your SASSA Grant 1

It is often stressful and difficult, so I decided to know what happens when you leave the SASSA grant unclaimed. In this guide, I’m shedding light on my findings concerning unclaimed Sassa grant outcomes, how long they stay there, and what to do if your grant expires.

Understanding the Different SASSA Grants

SASSA, the Social Security Agency in South Africa provides diverse grants to those who are eligible either as individuals or families. The common grants include the following:

  • Older Person’s Grant: This grant gives financial support to people over the age of 60 who can pass the means test.
  • Child Support Grant: This Caregiver grant is intended for guardians of children under 18 years old.
  • Disability Grant: It is the opportunity that provide financial aid to people with disabilities.
  • Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant: This kind of aid is meant to help persons who experience financial hardships for a short period because of unexpected events.

The Claiming Process of Sassa Grants

SASSA grants are typically paid out through two main methods:

  • Bank Deposits: You can receive your grant in your bank account linked with Sassa. A text message will notify you about funds loading.
  • SASSA Cards: SASSA has special cards for people who don’t have bank accounts. These services function in the same way as bank cards. These also serve as ATMs.

It’s crucial to claim the full amount of your grant as soon as it’s deposited or made available on your SASSA card. While the money remains in your account (card or bank) even if not claimed immediately.

What is a Lapsing Period?

SASSA has its deadlines for the application of grants, usually 3 months. In the case where you fail to withdraw your grant before that time, it will be considered suspended. This implies that, until you undertake the steps of reactivation, you will not be able to access the account.

How Can You Restore a Lapsed Sassa Grant?

You need to act quickly to restore a lapsed Sassa grant. Restoring a lapsed SASSA grant requires swift action.  Generally, you have just 90 days from the lapse date to apply.  To apply you need to prepare your key documents like a letter from SASSA explaining the lapse and anything that justifies why you couldn’t claim the grant.

Now head to your nearest SASSA office or call their toll-free line (0800 60 10 11, weekdays 8 am-4 pm). SASSA representatives can guide you through the application and answer questions. You may have to go through an assessment (e.g., a doctor’s re-evaluation for disability grants) to confirm your eligibility.

Remember, a valid reason for the lapse and complete documentation are crucial for a successful restoration.

What Happens If You Dont Claim Your SASSA Grant: Possible Problems

The non-receipt of SASSA grant effects can cause significant hardship for many families who rely on this financial support. Besides this, it may bring the following issues:

  • Funds Remain in Account: If you don’t claim your grant, the funds remain in your SASSA account during this period.
  • Risk of Suspension: However, prolonged non-claiming can lead to the suspension of your grant. SASSA closely monitors inactive accounts.
  • Reinstating Lapsed Grants: If your grant is suspended, there is a critical window for reinstating it. Seek assistance promptly to reactivate your grant.

Does SASSA Money Expire If Not Withdrawn?

SASSA money doesn’t disappear if you don’t withdraw it right away. The funds stay securely stored in your SASSA card account. There is no requirement that you visit an ATM – you can withdraw your grant at some time during the month when it is most convenient for you.

The government of South Africa has confirmed that the SASSA gold card has no expiration date, so you can only have an SASSA grant when you need it.

However, for an account that was not used for a long time, the risk of suspension remains.

Sometimes, unclaimed funds are transferred to a recipient who can benefit from those instead. Do not save big amounts at once, rather do this little by little. This minimizes the risk of suspension.

Unclaimed SRD Grants

The SRD grant has a slightly different process for unclaimed payments.  Unclaimed SASSA grant outcomesIf you miss your opportunity to collect your SRD grant, you can still check for unclaimed payments.  Here’s how:

  • Visit an SASSA office: Consult an SASSA official who is ready to help you verify any uncollected SRD grants.
  • Check the SASSA website or app: Check out the dedicated website for unclaimed SRD grants, go through the instructions, and complete the verification.
  • Call the SASSA toll-free number: They have a specific number to address the queries relating to unclaimed grants. Ensure you have your ID number and any additional information before calling.

Tips for Managing Your SASSA Grant Wisely

  • Plan your withdrawal: Don’t withdraw everything at once. Plan your budget and withdraw only what you need for the month.
  • Consider safety measures: SASSA paydays can attract unwanted attention. Be aware when you are withdrawing from ATMs and shopping. If you’re dealing with a large sum of money, having a friend or a relative with you can be a good option maybe that trusted person will go with you.
  • Get a bank account: If you don’t have a linked bank account to your SASSA card yet, then think about having one now. Banks offer additional security features, and some may even provide interest on your funds, helping you grow your savings over time.


Investigating unclaimed SASSA grant outcomes can help you define its best possible solutions. Claiming your SASSA grant promptly is essential.

By doing so, you ensure financial stability and contribute to the success of social programs. Stay informed, manage your grants wisely, and remember that unclaimed funds can make a significant difference in someone’s life.


What to do when the Sassa grant is declined?

You can check the rejection reason online or call SASSA (0800 60 10 11) for details. If you are eligible for the grant, apply back! You can appeal the decision within 30 days via the Sassa website. The other option is that if your situation changes, you can reapply for the grant.

What is the reason for my sassa grant being declined?

If your application is not accepted, it is possible that some of the data you shared are not real. The other times, there may be a missing bank account number. If this is the case, use the online form to report the respective details and wait for an answer.

Can the SASSA grant be stopped?

This grant may be stopped. Some of the reasons for this include providing false information, a change in your situation (like income exceeding the limit), or you don’t cooperate with eligibility reviews. Even unclaimed grants for three months can lapse.

Can someone else claim my SASSA grant on my behalf if I’m unable to do so?

SASSA might have provisions for appointing an authorized representative to claim a grant on your behalf in certain circumstances. However, it’s essential to follow SASSA’s guidelines and procedures for appointing a representative and ensure that all necessary documentation is provided.

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